Apartment Hunter Passes Up Brooklyn Heights for Crown Heights

The New York Times reports on apartment hunter Eliza Hartley and how she considered, but eventually passed up, living in Brooklyn Heights.

Now this, friends, is some controversy:

NYT: A $2,000-a-month studio on Court Street in Brooklyn Heights was in the thick of a busy neighborhood. Popeyes chicken was downstairs; McDonald’s was next door. Ms. Hartley worried about noise and odors. “I wasn’t into it,” she said. “You go out and it is just jammed with people.”

She was tempted to take an attic one-bedroom on Schermerhorn Street in Brooklyn Heights, also for $2,000 a month, even though it was the strangest apartment she had ever seen.

The place had no windows, just a skylight in every room. It was renovated and airy and came partially furnished with a couch and a coffee table, “so it was attractive for a lot of reasons,” she said. There was no buzzer, however, so when friends visited she would need to go downstairs to let them in.

“I’ve never seen anything like that — the window on the ceiling,” Ms. Fuchimoto said. “But the space was very nice.”

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  • Jorale-man

    Where was the fact-checker on this Times story? She meant Downtown Brooklyn, yes? I always enjoy this writer’s column but anyone walking on that part of Court Street would never confuse it for Brooklyn Heights.

    As for the window-less Schermerhorn Street place, that sounds rather miserable.

  • BrooklynBugle

    technically it’s on the Brooklyn Heights side of Court Street.. even though the historic district ends at Clinton

  • Jorale-man

    Fair point. The NYC.gov website doesn’t seem to have an official map of neighborhood boundaries, which I guess would be the ultimate source.

  • DoBro84

    This NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission document has a map of the Brooklyn Heights Historic District. Most of Schermerhorn between Clinton and Court is included in the district.


  • Lori

    Where’s the rest of this story?

  • Jazz

    Click the NYT link. You know, the internet.

  • cindy s

    Our law firm was next door to Popeye’s
    on Broadway at the time of the famous/
    Infamous Popeye’s sign incident…where
    Plastic was cut too thickly….one of the
    Really great incidents in the “social”
    History of this great city…