It’s a Wrap for the Brooklyn Heights Cinema

As previously reported, The Brooklyn Heights Cinema is packing up and moving to a not yet announced venue in DUMBO after the sale of is current home at 70 Henry Street.

On Thursday night, cinema staff and owner Kenn Lowy left a final message for their patrons: “Thanks for all of the fish”, reminding us that things aren’t always what they seem:

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  • stuart

    This is the longest death scene since Harpo Marx did Swan Lake.
    Pull the plug already and lets get to the next act.

  • Roberto

    When a Mom & Pop shop is pushed from its digs to make way for a corporate chain, there is a sense of disorientation and loss because neighborhood-based businesses are personal and are rooted in an eco-system. The same can be said of “developers” who are too-often plunderers. I respectfully disagree with the analogy of the slo-mo pulling of the plug of a patient on life support because that misses the point made by supporters of “community” institutions like the Brooklyn Heights Cinema. Yes, we have to bury the dead to clear the battlefield, but it shouldn’t be done lightly.

  • ClaudeScales

    Kenn Lowy evidently is a Douglas Adams fan.