Levin: Hey Macy’s Bring the Fireworks Back to East River!

Bring the Fireworks Back! from Heather Quinlan on Vimeo.

Last year, Macy’s had their 4th of July fireworks on the Hudson to commemorate Henry Hudson’s voyage. Unfortunately, they liked it so much they decided to keep them there. So for the second 4th in a row, a large number of New Yorkers will only be able to see the fireworks that peek over the top of the Verizon building, or through binoculars aimed at Newark.

This morning, Councilman Stephen Levin held a press conference calling for the fireworks to come back home to the East River, citing the benefit to Brooklyn businesses, residents, and even the historical significance of the East River in the Battle of Brooklyn. Also in attendance were Richard Morrow, who represents the businesses around Fulton Ferry, and Pete from Pete’s Downtown. Have a look. And by the way, where will you be watching the fireworks tonight?

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  • Jorale-man

    There was quite a crowd making its way over to the Promenade tonight – hundreds of people probably. I feel rather bad for them all when they show up to discover they’d been moved to the Hudson.

  • nabeguy

    Going forward, they should just alternate the East and Hudson rivers every year to be fair and not confuse people.

  • T.K. Small

    I just returned from my roof after accidentally having a fairly decent view of the fireworks. I only went there to eat my dinner and enjoy the end of the sunset and was surprised that I could see anything. In many ways, it was better because my roof wasn’t completely mobbed with strangers.

  • lori

    I was told by the police who were patrolling the promenade that NEXT YEAR the fireworks will be off the Statue of Liberty, since she will be celebrating her 125th birthday (shades of 1983, when Ronald Reagan was on a ship anchored off the Statue and the whole Heights neighborhood was practically on lockdown).

  • carl

    The police precinct captain and two community officers started patrolling the promenade at 7:30 PM telling everyone the fireworks would NOT be seen from the promenade and that there was still time to reach the west side where they could be viewed. However, at 8 PM I was told that WINS radio said they would be shot so high that they WOULD be seen from the promenade. Most of the people refused to believe that they would not be seen from the promenade, despite the fact that the newspapers have been saying for days that the best viewing was the west side or New Jersey and that you would NOT be able to view them from the promenade.

  • ashton

    Having the fireworks on the Hudson is like hearing your parents are spending Christmas with your brother in Colorado. Yay!!!!
    Off the hook!

  • lois

    Why would Levin waste his time asking for the fireworks to be moved back to the East River next year, when they are already scheduled for the Statue of Liberty – so he can claim credit when they are there?

  • Ursula Hahn

    Lois has a point – the likely reason is to claim credit. He hasn’t had much of a profile in our neck of his district, so this little publicity with “Pete’s” support helps to remind residents that he hasn’t forgotten us.

  • Heather Quinlan

    It might’ve been slightly self-serving, but not much. He was filling in for Marty.

  • nabeguy

    If Marty had been there, it would have been totally self-serving, like s Brighton Beach buffet.

  • nabeguy

    BTW, given how much business BBP has thrown Pete’s way, how much more can the man ask for? A DOH closure of Ignacio’s? Another IRS shutdown of Grimaldi’s? Sheesh.

  • http://www.henrysend.com henrys end

    Maybe levin should be focusing his time and energy on fixing real community problems – like economic development and parking – instead of grandstanding…doing exactly what every politician does. sad.

  • John

    How the f.. helicopters going around our nab??????????

    What is the latest ??????

    Thank you