Mr. Junkersfeld to the Rescue of Historic Brownstone

This morning while walking on Pierrepont Place, BHB’s Karl Junkersfeld noticed that there was flooding at historic No. 2 Pierrepont Place.  He enlisted the help of a passerby to call 311 and alert them of the situation.  A neighbor called the owners.

Our Claude Scales adds:

This afternoon I looked out my window and saw a huge FDNY ladder truck stopped on Pierrepont Place. I went down and saw police blocking off the street while firemen were busy around 2 Pierrepont Place. Later a pumper engine came across Pierrepont Street, turned, and parked facing the ladder truck. Firefighters appeared to be trying to pump water out through a small access hole in the sidewalk. A few minutes later, they put their equipment back in the vehicles and left. I asked one of the police officers on the scene if there was a water main break. He said it was “something about the water” and that the DEP had been called to investigate. Since then, nothing more has happened.

No. 2 Pierrepont Place (Alexander M. White house) was once part of a trio of homes on Pierrepont.  It and No. 3 (Abiel Abbot Low house) were designed by Frederick A. Peterson in 1857 and still stand, while No. 1 (the Henry Pierrepont Mansion, designed by Richard Upjohn) was demolished in 1946 to make way for a playground and the Promenade entrance.  The AIA Guide 2010 to New York City calls numbers 2 and 3 Pierrepont Place “the most elegant brownstones remaining in New York.”

Philanthropist Alfred T. White was born in No. 2 and Seth Low, the only person to serve as both mayor of Brooklyn and New York City, lived at No. 3.

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  • nabeguy

    That’s a sad sight to see.Having suffered a water main break myself, I know how devastating it can be, although I was fortunate enough that mine was limited to a small leak, and was during the week, not over a holiday weekend. I hope that this gets resolved quickly.

  • nabeguy

    Went by this evening at 10:45 to find the problem unresolved. An electrician walking by was alarmed enough by the possibility of an electrical explosion (right next to the playground, mind you) that he called 311, which brought the NYPD in a matter of minutes and Ladder Crew 118 shortly afterwards. One of the guys from 118 who I knew told me that they had been out earlier in the day and had shut off the water valve to the building, but that the leak was apparently in the main east of the valve and unfortunately was leaking directly into 2 PP. Bad way to return from a nice weekend.

  • Ben

    This is horrible. Last time I looked the ground floor, entrance under the stoop was the office of a psychiatrist or some kind of mental health professional if this out door area is flooded so is the first floor of the brownstone, the office.