Open Thread Wednesday 10/17

by christinabean via flickr 

Some topics to ponder this week:

Zagat gives Five Guys big thumbs up…

Saturday is Cadman Plaza Park Day!!! 

Fireworks too loud for you?

Who is your dentist? 

Artist lights up Brooklyn Bridge Park 

… and whatever else is on your mind…. 


BHB Photo Club pic by christinabean via Flickr

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  • bhb reader

    Overheard this morning: a few realtors discussing that Bentley’s was the next business up for rent … anyone else hear this? Montague is just flat-out depressing. Where else can you pay nearly $1M for 2 bedrooms and nowhere to eat or shop?
    Time to get out of Dodge???

  • Melissa

    Unrelated question – can anything be done about scaffolding that has been up for years, with a long-expired permit, and without the appearance of work being done for some time? I’m thinking of the building on Atlantic Ave next to Baltic Bazaar. I think the address is 139. It’s a sad state over there. Can I contact the DOB?

  • lady montague

    Just caught up with a month-old article in the NYT about the dwindling ranks of Gristedes in the city.
    Apparently the BH branch is one of only four outside Manhattan. They’re closing right and left. Maybe hope that ours will soon join the not-so-dearly departed? Of course, with our luck, the space would be subdivided and rented to a Sovereign Bank, Corcoran (North Heights Branch), and Walgreens. Or more likely just left empty for years.

  • CJP

    Question for fellow readers about tipping. We all tip 15% for good service, more for excellent restaurant service. And I’m sure we all tip for home deliveries.

    But what about when you PICK UP at a restaurant? Had a friend at work tell me she was chased out of a restaurant in Zion National Park (they came after her…) for NOT tipping when she had a pickup restaurant order at the counter.

    Now I always tip the sushi guys at the local sushi bar when I have a pickup, I always tip the waitstaff in cash for a dine-in order, but frankly I never tip when I’m picking up at the restaurant.

    What’s the protocol. Am I out of touch? Out of whack? Thoughts? Please advise…

  • No One of Consequence

    No way tip for pickup.
    Tipping is for service, not purchases.
    Do you tip the clerk at the grocery store? The guy at the bodega?
    I’d never go back to that restaurant.