Best Brooklyn Heights Dentist Open Thread

They're your pearly whites, who do you trust with them?  Have you been going to the same nabe dentist since you were a kid? Have you found one so good that you've switched from your tony Manhattan dentist? What does it take for someone to be YOUR dentist? 

Discuss below… thanks!

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  • arrgh

    i’m the biggest baby when it comes to going to the dentist but I found Dr. Eric Last to be one of the best. Gentle and patient. Been going to him forever. He’s on Schermerhorn btwn clinton and court.

  • The Vidiot

    I too, am a big baby. I go to Dr. Bellafiore on Montague. For some reason, his technique for shots doesn’t make me want to run out of the room screaming. He doesn’t accept insurance, but they will file it for you.

    I always thought he had quite a raquet going though. He’s right next to the haagen daaz. Maybe they have something worked out: you give them cavities and I’ll fix them up.

  • Matthew Parker

    Dr Harris on Montague is also a fine dentist. Modern techniques and office. Good guy, reasonably priced. He’s on the south side of Montague, between Clinton and Henry, one floor up.

  • nancy

    Ok shameless plug here. My husband is a dentist. Dr. Fields but he is on Ocean Parkway between Ditmas and Cortelyou. VERY gentle.

  • CF

    I also highly recommend Dr. Harris. He is the nicest guy and is very thorough, knowledgeable, informative, and gentle. I was very glad I found him.

  • BZ

    Joy Hudecz in the Medical Arts Building on Joralemon Street is a wonderful

  • Susan O’Doherty

    Our family uses both Dr. Last and Dr. Hudesz, and I agree, they’re great–patient, knowledgeable, and gentle.

  • Dan

    Any thoughts on a good primary care doctor? Or has there been a thread on this before? I recently moved to Brooklyn Heights and would like to find someone local. Thanks.

  • AliG

    I agree with Vidiot, Dr. Bellafiore is great. I hadn’t been to the dentist in 10 years because I have such a fear.. He’s got a great bedside manner and is easy on the eyes.
    I tried Dr. Last after Dr. B stopped taking insurance but found his barracuda of a receptionist very off-putting. Dr. Crenesse is another case of a very nice doctor with evil nightmare office help in her employ.

  • heightsdiho

    OK – Not a Bklyn Heights dentist, but Washington Square isn’t so far away. Dr. Peter Silver is great – can’t say enough positive things about him. He and his entire staff are very competant and super nice; no barracudas here and Dr. Silver really listens to his patients. This is his website if anyone is interested in finding out more:
    – yes, he plays the trumpet.

  • neartheheights

    I suggest Dr. Steve Wong at Atlantic and Henry–he is extremely thorough and has a clean, modern office. He was also very attentive to my unique complaints about tooth sensitivity and pain (even cleanings are torture for me!). He’s not personal or chummy; just extremely professional. Also, his staff is GREAT. VERY friendly and they go out of their way to explain the details of your insurance plan for you. His office also sends you a reminder email in 6 months to schedule another cleaning. Oh–and he also does Saturday hours!

  • Debra B

    I have not been to other dentists in the Heights but our whole family loves Dr. Sussman on Remsen Street. He is great at explaining options, extremely careful with nervous patients and consistently effective in everything her does.

  • T

    Do any of these dentists use air abrasion (or something similar) in lieu of drills? I had the pleasure of having a dentist with that before I moved here and can’t go back to the drill (I had a cavity filled in 30 mins with no numbing agent and no pain, best visit ever).

  • Ruth

    Dr Bellafiore is wonderful! he treated me extensively for fillings and implants and is just so great. I now live back in the UK and would fly over to him for treatment if cost wasn’t an issue!!! :-)

  • Chris

    Went to the Moshmans’s for years, since I was a kid (he still sends my grandmother Christmas cards so thumbs up in my book). Got to Dr. Wong now (insurance reasons), no complaints.
    I’d say either way you’re in good shape.

  • Andrew Porter

    I used to go to Empire State Dental in the Empire State Building, because my Mom did. I finally got tired of having to take the subway to Manhattan and going through the metal detectors. Now I’ve been going to Dr. Stanley Moshman at 89 Remsen Street for several years. When I had a major problem, he actually opened on a weekend just for me — something that Empire State Dental would never have done. On top of everything, Dr. Moshman reads science fiction, as I do, and we actually have discussions which have Nothing to Do with brushing and flossing. Neat!

  • Nat

    Dr. Kevin Trotter is a fantastic dentist – he’s at 142 Joralemon St, #12C. Thorough, punctual (you won’t sit in the waiting room for hours), personable and professional. I would recommend him to anyone. 718-625-2116.

  • Sol

    As a dentist I can easily evaluate quality care by one of my colleagues. Having been treated by Dr. Kevin Trotter I can highly recommend him. It takes one to know one.

  • jeff

    I go to a holistic dentist in Manhattan- Dr. Idelle Brand. Definitely worth the trip. Totally modern with lots of great ideas on whole body health. I get my blood pressure and saliva pH checked at every visit. Maybe take a look at her website

  • Carla

    My family loves Dr. Stanley Moshman on Remsen Street in Brooklyn Heights. He is patient with both adults and children, gives thorough explanations of the particular dental procedure needed, and is both personable and professional. Dr. Moshman is also very good with nervous patients…I speak from experience!