Osman Akan’s “Third Bridge” Lights Up Brooklyn Bridge Park


Yesterday evening your intrepid BHB correspondent attended a reception given by the DUMBO Arts Center for the artist Osman Akan, celebrating the opening of his installation The Third Bridge in Brooklyn Bridge Park.  The reception was held at the upstairs level of Bubby's, a bar and restaurant located at the corner of Main and Plymouth Streets in DUMBO, and Third Bridge could be seen, brightly lit, in the park across the street (see photographs and text here; there is also a spectacular photo on the front page of today's New York Sun).  Third Bridge will remain in the Park (enter at Main and Plymouth or Washington and Plymouth) until January 14.  It is best seen after sundown.

Osman Akan lives in Brooklyn.  He is a graduate of Bilkent University in his native Turkey, and holds a Master's in Fine Arts from the California Institute of Arts. 

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  • ellamommy

    I just called to register Ella for the 2’s and 3’s Preschool Alt. program at the new Brooklyn Heights location and they are almost full already!! incredible….

  • simon

    what has that got to do with this story? sorry your rugrat is going to have to stay home and watch TV now.