Zagat Guide Hearts Five Guys

The 2008 Zagat Restaurant Guide is out and touts the nabe's new Five Guys Burgers and Fries outlet as a hot neighborhood favorite. Before anyone decides to pop bottles over this, consider that Outback Steakhouse also earns kudos as a "best kept secret":

NY Daily News: Boro New Comers Cookin'…: On Montague St. in Brooklyn Heights, the surprise hit was Five Guys, with an "assembly line" grinding out juicy hamburgers, fries and the lunchtime staples.

"It's great, I wasn't expecting this," said Nitin Yadav, manager of Five Guys. "We also got rated the best burger and fries in the city from I am so happy."

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  • nancy

    They do have great fries, and the people working there are very nice. A pleasant change from the surly food service crowd on Montague Street.

  • Beavis

    The Five Guys must be busy sleeping with restaurant reviewers, \’cause the burgers ain\’t that good. The fries do rock, however. At least it\’s not another eyeglass or mattress store.

  • Gilbertologist

    They’ve won Zagat awards everywhere else they’ve been, so maybe their manager shouldn’t be too surprised.

  • bongo

    Worst burger I’ve had in a long time from an outfit like this. Full of bone and an awful bun. Didn’t have the fries. I wish I had to go to CA, I love In-n-Out, is it really that difficult?

  • Andrew

    While I do very much appreciate 5 Guys, it’s sad that mediocre burgers (and excellent fries) are the most exciting thing to happen culinarily on Montague St. all year.

  • NrthHeights

    As a warning….they fry their fries in peanut oil. My boyfriend is allergic to nuts and we almost had a bit of a disaster….

  • nabeguy

    NrthHeights, is there any kind of warning posted to that effect or did you have to ask? Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

  • lady montague

    Not to make light of your situation, but did you not notice the literally dozens of boxes of peanuts around the store, the peanut shells littering the floor and counters, etc.?

  • nancy

    There are also signs all over the store warning about peanut allegies and not to take the peanuts out of the store because of allergic reaction by some. Not a lawsuit waiting to happen in this casse.

  • NrthHeights

    There are adequate warnings in my opinion (and I’m a lawyer)…but we were going to order delivery when we wanted to try them and had not yet seen the inside of the place. The only reason I mentioned it is that peanut oil is not often used for french fries and just wanted to give a heads up to those in a similar situation….

    Plus, my boyfriend is not as severely allergic to nuts as some and having peanuts in the store does not mean automatically lead to the conclusion that peanut oil is used for frying.

  • Truth Williams

    Such a first world problem to have.