Yassky’s Missionsky: Taxis Will Serve Entire City

Brooklyn Heights resident and newly appointed Taxi and Limousine  chairman David Yassky is vowing to make hailing a yellow cab outside of Manhattan easier:

NY Times: Presumably, he also takes cabs — although a recent study suggested that very few taxis pick up passengers in Brooklyn Heights, Mr. Yassky’s home. In fact, Mr. Yassky said at his confirmation hearing that part of his charge was to “ensure the industry serves all parts of the city effectively.”

“Having represented for eight years a district in Brooklyn, I know many residents in the city, particularly outside the core business district of Manhattan and nearby neighborhoods, feel yellow cab service is concentrated there,” Mr. Yassky said. He added, “In fact, it is.”

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  • CFB

    While the statistical availability of taxis in Brooklyn Heights is lower than any average location in Manhattan, the volume of cabs along Clinton Street, even early morning or weekends, seems more than adequate for the demand.

  • my2cents

    CFB is right. the bigger issue is when cabbies don’t know the streets.

  • william

    Yassky is a chump. He doesn’t have the balls to drive a cab himself.

  • Heights

    Agree with CFB. Never had a problem getting a cab either on Hicks or Clinton.

    William – If you can’t add something worthwhile, please don’t bother with your nonsense.

  • WillowtownCop

    It used to be easier before they eliminated the left turn from Tillary to the bridge. You could always get a cab on Clinton. Now they turn on Atlantic to Adams.

  • Skeptic-ski

    Interesting new position for Yassky… Especially given that several years ago when he was running for City Council he made a campaign promise to require taxis to carry kid/booster seats in their trunk and install them at a parents request. For many reasons, I never liked the idea (even though I have two kids and frequently take taxis,) but if it’s any indication of the positions he may take as Commisioner of TLC, my guess is that he’s using the TLC post to beat up cabbies (even more than they are now) and then he’ll run for Consumer Advocate.
    I’m sure that on his way up the ranks, he’ll be careful not to step on the bodies of the cabbies – beaten down and exhausted by their 12 hour shifts and the burden of ever-increasing regulations.

  • sue

    just remember when it comes to Mr. Yassky its all about his ambition.. nothing else

  • Barbara Levine

    Early in the AM 7:30 to about 8:30 ish you can catch a ride on Hicks Street going into Manhattan.

  • william

    Stuff-it Heights Time.

  • Ed

    Maybe there should be a requirement to drive a taxi for a week or two before you can become “THE COMMISSIONER”.

  • x

    plenty of yellow cabs on Hicks street in the morning.. most of them were hoping I would flag them down as I walk to work in Cobble Hill.

    However, other neighborhoods in Brooklyn/Queens are not so lucky. That’s where the Spanish limos take over I guess.