New Video: The Story of New York’s First Historic District

The video “Brooklyn Is My Neighborhood/ The Story of New York’s First Historic District” was produced by Martin L Schneider and Karl Junkersfeld to serve as a prelude to Schneider’s 15,000-word article “Battling for Brooklyn Heights/ 1958-1965″. The article was originally published in serial form in the Brooklyn Heights Press in 1993. It tells the story of how a united community fought off Robert Moses and achieved its historic landmark status.

Schneider has since updated the article and it now also includes an introduction by the distinguished New York preservationist Anthony C. Wood author of the recently published work on historic preservation “Preserving New York.” Schneider’s book is available on-line here in PDF format. Later this spring it will be available as an illustrated book.

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  • George Earl

    Definitely get that DVD on the market! I’ll be one of the first in what I’m sure will be a long line waiting to snap up one (autographed, I hope) on the morning it’s on sale. As a longtime copywriter, I must compliment you on your writing. Very “me-to-you” — with correct historical references. See it soon, I hope.

  • Josh

    Martin and Karl, first of all thank you very much for the video; can’t wait to see how the full book comes out. Just one request however: in the video at 8:39 you used my photo of the Bossert Hotel lobby. While I don’t have a problem with people posting my photos on their websites, I do ask that proper attribution and linking be given. (though I do admit I’m somewhat flattered you used my photo in your video)

    Thanks, and again good job.

  • martinlbrooklyn

    This video was produced by Karl and me as a labor of love and out of interest in promoting the concept of the protection of special neighborhoods by historic zoning. It is being distributed gratis to anyone who shares that interest. It will not be sold but will be available on-line to one and all. We thank for being early to step up to the plate and supporting this endeavor.
    As to attributions of photos, we made every effort to only use
    images which were freely available. Virtually all of the contemporary images were shot by us. We tried to use historical images exclusively from available sites. Should certain sources require credit, we shall either replace them or provide a tag to a future edition listing them
    Meantime, to one and all, enjoy the neighborhood, learn more, and please support the idea of improving city life by encouraging a sense of history and continuity with the past. .

  • AEB

    Excellent work, both visually and narratively. Provides precisely the succinct sense of local history I for one have been seeking. Thank you both!

  • Sam

    Very nicely done! It tells the story in an interesting and entertaining manner. My direct connection to Brooklyn was my birth there and I haven’t lived there after those first few days 67 years ago.
    However I very much enjoyed the story both from the pictures and commentary. Nice voice. It reminds me of how in other countries, Switzerland notably because of personal experience, it is just not possible to change the outside of many buildings to keep the historical presence. Well done to all involved.

  • Steph M

    great, great video…have shared with friends already, as I know they wonder why I never stay in Manhattan. Perhaps now they will understand.

  • AmyS

    Very cool. I’ve sent it to everyone I know who grew up in the Heights –
    as I did.