Swastika on a Box Spotted on Montague Street


Almost two years since Ivaylo Ivanov scrawled swastika around Brooklyn Heights another sign of hate has appeared in the neighborhood.  A BHB reader sent us this photo taken today around 1:30pm in from of the Variety Mart on Montague Street.

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  • my2cents

    Hateful acts like this would be scarier if they weren’t so lamely executed. Looks like a 5 year old did it…

  • harumph

    I dunno, a five year old drawing swastika’s seems pretty scary to me.

  • Billy Reno

    Is Sandra Bullock’s hubby in town?

  • Ellen

    Maybe it’s a rogue pack of Buddhist monks.

  • Monty

    Yeah, that is a Buddhist swastika. The Nazi one goes in the other direction.

  • Mom

    I actually had a package delivered a couple of years ago via UPS, from Diapers.com of all places, that had a swastika in black marker written on it. Weird and disturbing.