Crime Spikes in Brooklyn

The NY Daily News has a story today about Brooklyn’s uptick in crime, including a mention of last week’s gunpoint muggings by a gunman and two molls on Joralemon Street:

NY Daily News: “It’s terrifying,” said Lauren Bousquet, 24, who just after midnight last Sunday was robbed at gunpoint along with two friends by a trio of young thugs on Joralemon St. in Brooklyn Heights.

“I don’t feel like we were doing anything that risky. It was fairly well-lit,” said Bousquet. “It was a reasonable time and in a safe neighborhood. How do you stay safe?”

Bousquet and her friends were mugged in Brooklyn’s sleepy 84th Precinct, where there was a 104% increase (from 24 to 49) in robberies through March 21.

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  • Teddy

    That’s a big jump.

  • whbinbrooklynheights

    Has anyone heard about the proposed 7-11 going into the former WaMu space on Court and Livingston? Hard to see how having a 24/7 convenience store can make the neighborhood a safer place for the residents.