Damages Shoots on Willow and Cranberry


The FX drama Damages shot some scenes at the intersection of Willow and Cranberry Streets today.  As we mentioned earlier this week, a car crash filmed here is a focal point of this year’s story arc.

When production assistants weren’t shooing away curious neighbors, they were apparently heaving dead leaves into the street to dress the scene.  One BHB commenter claims that the leaves were not cleaned up when shooting ended.  That’s Showbiz for ya!

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  • my2cents

    Is this deja-vu week?
    Damages shoots an identical car crash at Willow and Cranberry, and Ink Lake has another bloviation attack on the Henry street parking fracas??
    Are we going to have a Dock Street Dumbo article too?

  • Homer Fink

    That is weird, eh?

  • Andrew Porter

    The best part was when Cher came out of her house on the corner and screamed at them in Italian, and Nicholas Cage gave them the finger.