111 Hicks Street Conjures Luxury Penthouse from Water Tank Space

The New York Times reports today that the St. George Tower Co-Op at 111 Hicks will be selling its 30th floor, once home to its water tanks, as a luxury coop.  The price tag: $2.495 million.

New York Times:  The 66-by-53-foot space still has one remaining tank, which will be boxed in. The board has consulted with an elevator company to consider ways to bring one of the building’s elevators up to the 30th floor.

“Somebody is going to have to want a challenge to create something here,” Mr. Brown said. “But they will only be limited by their imagination and pocketbook.”

The coop took some flack last year from Brooklyn Heights residents when it disposed of dozens of terra cotta pillars during a renovation.

[via Curbed]

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  • my2cents

    Does this mean that “historic” water tanks were removed???? OMG!!

  • Mickey

    my2cents: yes, just like when they removed the “historic” pull-chain toilets from the residences.

  • my2cents

    That was a travesty.

  • EM

    Doesnt that building get hit by lightening quite a bit?

  • nabeguy

    EM, that’s not lightning, that’s my2cents.

  • tb

    Good one Nabeguy!