Get Off the Sidewalk T-Mobile Vehicle Thing!


A BHB reader sent in the photo above with this comment:

Enough with the cars in the bike lanes. I want them off my sidewalks! This photo is from March 10, 2010 and was in front of the T-Mobile store on the west side of Court Street. It, advertises, of course, T-Mobile, as if the store’s own big sign and window display wasn’t enough advertising to get you to switch from Verizon. Next time I suggest T-Mobile move the car and bring in Catherine Zeta-Jones, who can dial my number anytime (insert T-Mobile jingle here).

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  • my2cents

    I pity the fool who has to drive that thing home at the end of the day.

  • HeightsDiva

    Ew. Isnt’ that more of a Bedstuy/Bushwick appeal?

  • x

    They might as well park it inside the store!

  • WillowtownCop

    If it’s there when I work on Saturday I’ll take care of it.

  • my2cents

    They should park it on Sunday on Henry street in the bike lane.

  • Adam

    who cares. what about the food carts and the vendors that line up around borough hall? when are we going to airlift brooklyn heights to westchester?

  • my2cents

    Hey, what are those 2 mailboxes doing there on the sidewalk??
    That’s taking up valuable pedestrian space. Sidewalks are for walking!! If you have a wheelchair, get in the wheelchair lane! I called 311 like 15 times today asking them to remove those mailboxes (which are federally owned) from our city property! But no one does anything!! I am going to photograph those mailboxes and repeatedly show the photos to cops and maybe someone will want to listen to me complain and give me the attention I crave. Did Landmarks approve having *blue* mailboxes in our historic district?? The color is really clashing with the Federal Style Rowhouses! I think I am going to go down there and paint them brick red myself, or maybe black, because no one listens and I need to take the law into my own hands in order to defend single-handedly the sanctity of our quiet peaceful neighborhood as vocally and obnoxiously as possible!

    (ok, phony rant done now. I think you get my point…)

  • http://Phonyrantaside Jason

    There is actually a danger to a motorized vehicle on a sidewalk as opposed to a static mailbox or a wheelchair. A motorized vehicle driven onto a sidewalk can hurt and kill someone. I have not yet seen of or heard a mailbox causing an accident, blue colored ones included. Have you not seen the number of fatalities in the streets in Brooklyn by motorized vehicles, cute pink or not?

    Plus a gas powered generator would drive me crazy all day. How about a table?

    I hate the term, “my 2 cents.” You delivered the mother lode. Do you hate people or just yourself?

  • my2cents

    I hate people who can’t take a joke…