Damages Set to Shoot in Brooklyn Heights Thursday


The FX drama Damages will be shooting scenes around Willow and Cranberry Streets this Thursday March 25.   A crash scene shot at that intersection in November is part of a crucial plot point in the show’s current season.

Cars need to be off those streets by 6AM on Thursday.

The program also shot in and around Brooklyn Heights last season.  Guest star William Hurt took up residence on Willow Street for several weeks during production culminating in a “legendary” visit to Jack the Horse Tavern.

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  • Janet Borden

    I saw a set dresser throwing dead leaves all around the two streets (Cranberry & Willow) before the shoot. After they finished, they left dead leaves strewn all over. It’s March; there are no dead leaves on the sidewalk. I urge neighbors to complain to the Mayor’s Office of Film and Broadcasting: 212 489 6710. . We are inconvenienced enough by these people; the least they can do is pick up their trash.

  • The Where

    Honey get a life

  • damages fan

    Dead leaves?! I wish I had your “problems.”