A Park is Born: BBP Pier 1 Opens

Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 1 opened today with great fanfare. BHB’s Karl Junkersfeld offers this video report.

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  • Matthew Parker

    Thanks for the video Karl, nice work again. I’m sure Kool and the Gang is getting a royalty each time the video is viewed. For a moment I felt like I was at a Bar Mitzvah. :-)

  • Norman E-Mailer

    I jogged through the park last night…. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

    One question: is the grass permanently cordoned off, or will we eventually be allowed to sit on it?

  • Matthew Parker


    The signs on the chains that now cordon off the grass areas say that those areas are off-limits until mid-April in order for the new grass to take firm hold. After mid-April the grass lawns will be available for sitting, sunbathing, etc.

  • soulman

    Just back from the new Brooklyn Bridge Park, maybe 5% finished, but it’s going to be gorgeous! The view of the Bridge is incredible. Pictures tomorrow if the sun is out.

  • ABC

    I was in the park and the signs said the grass would roped off for the first summer while the sod takes hold. Did I miss something Matthew?

  • Matthew Parker

    The signs I saw on Pier One said mid-April and then there would be access to the grass, but I only looked at two of the signs. It’s possible some areas will be off limits longer. Next time I’m there, I’ll look at each sign at each separate area.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    ABC, I took a picture of one of the signs which states clearly that Pier One lawns will be open in mid April. I assume all the lawns. Look at beginning of video and you will see a sign on the chains.

  • Matthew Parker

    @ABC: I just got back from a night dog walk on Pier 1 and checked out all the signs. There’s blue signs that simply say “Lawn Closed”, but there’s also white laser printed and laminated signs on the chain link fence at each lawn (I counted 6 signs) that state the lawns will be open in mid-April.

    Also, at the opening ceremony I briefly chatted with the head of ops for the park. He told me in the summer there will be outdoor movies shown on the south lawn that slopes down to the dramatic view of Lady Liberty. It’s going to be amazing.

    BTW, the night views of the lower Manhattan, bridges and Midtown are breathtaking. They might be better than the daytime view.

  • ABC

    Good to know!