Uncommon Grounds Getting Facelift


Uncommon Grounds at 50 Henry Street has announced it will undergo renovations including the addition of a “full kitchen”.

The coffee shop, which opened earlier this year appears to be the most trafficked of the revamped “Corner of Cranberry” establishments.  Its coffee and free wifi have received many kudos from neighbors.

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  • Vishnu Jones

    Yeah, they’re really lining up for the $30 cardboard pizza with frozen food toppings.

  • steve

    I have not tried either Oven or Uncommon Grounds, but recently a friend of mine had a salad and pizza from Oven and loved it (and I mean really, really enjoyed it and recommended it). After hearing that I stopped by and grabbed one of their take-out menus. I noticed that the prices are very steep, but then the pizzas were very exotic.

  • Cranky

    I liked both places. Oven was definitely a bit pricey but I ate there twice and it was good both times.

  • cranberry

    i still hate them both and would never step foot in either…

  • lazy legs

    I don’t understand why BHB keeps hyping mediocre establishments like those brought to us by Corner of Cranberry. Bad food, high prices, hideous decor! What’s to like?

  • Vishnu Jones

    yeah, what gives? you guys are way too nice to these people.

  • toni l

    you people better have your taste buds checked ! I have been to oven numerous times each time bringing someone new to discover it ! the food is refreshing not the run of the mill pizzeria apparently all are so used to. pricey ? maybe but as said prior by a poster , when toppings offered are kobe beef , duck and such to me it is quite acceptable . not being a drinker my friends do say the wines are fabulous and beers are very good also . are you people so stuck up in BH that you are not willing to give these places a fair chance (uncommon grounds, oven ) ? open up your minds and taste buds you may be surprised !

  • joe

    I was wondering what was happening at uncommon grounds. I thought it closed when I drove by the other night–it never crossed my mind that they would be renovating so soon. Are they planning on opening in the morning now? thats when most people want coffee.

  • landy

    this is ridiculous….how many times are they going to “renovate” these places…usually renovations and expansions are done after years of successful business requires it. I agree with u2 that something is just not right and I’ve always thought that from the beginning…from food maestro to busy chef, afficianado to oven, cranberry place to uncommon grounds to now what? I’m sure i missed some reincarnations there somewhere…

  • Maroon

    I’d have thrown out the furniture they had in U.G., but it’s the best thing there since El Cubatino (OK, the only thing there. . .) The sit-down coffee place was a good plan, in actuality. At least when a Starbucks goes in, they know what they’re doing.

  • Nigel

    They probably realized that they weren’t making any money. Selling $2, $3, $4 coffee and pastries won’t buy Baby Busy Chef a new pair of shoes!

  • sk

    I was pro this trio of eateries especially since Montague Street leaves little to be desired, but Busy Chef? The food is disgusting, the prices are extremely high, and they do not understand customer service. At all. Stick to Cranberry’s for coffee and pastries-at least their prices are fair.

  • sk

    I hope Uncommon Grounds succees-but their coffee sucks and their prices are high.