Cranberry Corner is Poppin’

The new coffee shop at Cranberry and Henry, Uncommon Grounds, continues its series of “invitation only” events tonight with The Groove Project, Heights Jazz on Friday and a private party on Saturday. Clearly our invitations have been lost in the mail.

According to Qfwfq, last night’s event at UG, featuring comic Andy Vastola, appeared to be well attended although the room seemed “a little bright”.

Down the block at 60 Henry, Busy Chef looks ready to open as food deliveries were being taken last night. Brooklyn Paper’s always saucy and sassy Heights reporter Christie Rizk has a piece on the latest happenings at CoC in this week’s edition.

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  • annulla

    >> Clearly our invitations have been lost in the mail.

    My invitation is buried under yours. Have you heard any feedback on the coffee?

  • CMC

    Both place look great…can’t wait until they are “open to the public”.

  • JL

    FYI, Busy Chef is open. We just had a piece of Creme Brulee cheese cake, pretty good and the right price. Wishing them luck. They could use some music in there, a bit too quiet, IMHO.

  • Average Joe

    I was in at 10:30, had the New York Cheese Cake, and it was good. Price was right. Good coffee too. They had music on when I was in. Pretty busy for this hour.

  • MickiPie

    it was relly nice to see (and hear!) something going on on that corner. stopped by and they offered me a glass of wine even thouh i wasnt on “the List” Have to try out the busy chef place tomorrow.

  • embee

    I can report a very satisfying brownie at Busy Chef! Not sure the real food looked so appetizing (similar in category to Lassen and Hennings, which looks more appealing).

    Btw, Time Out has quite an enthused review of Le Petit Marche this week.

    And also: Anyone else feel like Iron Chef’s gone downhill a bit? I used to love it but now everything seems pretty “eh.”

  • Orange Luke

    I just had an asiago “bagel” from Busy Chef and even a Texan could tell you that it’s not a true bagel. It was the simply a white bread dough wrapped in a circle and baked. We were a little skeptical of the prepared foods based on appearance, the quality was not immediately apparent, but our estimation has dropped since sampling the “bagel”.

    The space itself is attractive and the I’ll definitely go back to try the cakes. The concept is certainly a welcome one in place of yet another mediocre restaurant. But I’ll have to see evidence of higher quality in the preparation and ingredients than was evident in the bagel before I would by a dinner there.

  • Tim

    I liked the bagles. How dp you wrap white bread by the way?

  • Homer Fink

    Anyone who has ever (been forced to) live out of New York City can spot a bad bagel at 1000 paces. A “white bread” bagel is like a bad roll with a hole in the middle. There’s no weight to it and it usually arrives stale. Can’t vouch for Busy Chef’s bagels yet, but the place sure looks pretty.

  • Arthur_G

    i never even got to the bagels. i got enticed by the carrot cake. i also have to say that i dont think i ever went into a place too buy a coffee and end up leaving with a bag of beans.

  • Bran Muffins

    I’d like to address “The List” that was mentioned above…

    Since when was ther such an active social scene in Brooklyn Heights that any “List” was required?

    My eyes see this as nothing more than a very transparent marketing tool being used to lure people into another soon to be faltering business.

    I would like to start a neighborhood pool to see wich one of these new businesses on “The Corner of Cranberry” – AKA the new Meatpacking District – closes or changes it’s concept first.

    My money is on the A-list coffee shop.

  • Average Joe

    Why are you so negative? You obviously don’t support your local businesses. Get a life, and go talk crap elsewhere.

  • HistoryBuff

    Well, if people know anything about the ‘nabe (stupidest word EVER) they would know that the St. George used to be one of the most exclusive and grandest hotels in the city, and would certainly be the envy of something like the SoHo House or Maritime (those are in Manhattan, FYI). And that is your answer to when there was such a social scene in brooklyn Heights. Histpory can repeat itself, one way or the other.

  • Bran Muffins

    I can assure you that businesses fail and succeed regardless of my negative or sometimes (believe it or not) positive attitude.

    A good business is a good business. A coffee shop with tacky furniture right next to the long time neighborhood staple – not a good idea in my opinion.

    Whats next after this one, AverageJoe?

  • average Joe

    Nothing, I think they will be successfull. Enjoy the day it’s too beautiful to be pissy!

  • Bran Muffins

    great point. I am going outside

  • above average joe

    and those who can’t blog, troll.

  • average Joe

    Sounds like Bran Muffins….

  • above average joe

    AJ – my name is an homage, not a diss.

  • joe

    average joe,

    please stop wasting everyone’s time with your b.s.

  • Alex

    I’m going to enjoy the rest of this nice day. Maybe you should too Joe?

  • MasieMae

    You what would be really great – a real Parisian Style creperie. I remember when my husband and I honeymooned in Paris back in the 60s. We would sit and sip cafe au lait from big bowls and have the most scrumptuous chocolate crepes for dessert. There would be a man playing bass in side and some heavy woman singing. Aww, but an old broad can dream, can’t she.? Guess the days of civilized living went the way of the dodo.

  • Alex

    Your in luck MasieMae there is a creperie opening at 111 court street.

  • MasieMae

    I don’t like to go up there because of a certain “element” in that neighborhood. I’ve seen too many old ladies like me get beaten.

  • JL

    Walking by UC, it looked pretty boring. Tables/chairs looked uncomfortable, overall feel looked like a school or worse, a hospital cafeteria. Here is an idea, paint the walls!

  • BP

    Are they even serving coffee yet?
    Last time I walked by, the sign said they were installing an espresso machine. How long can that take?

  • xm

    Has anyone been by Uncommon Grounds? I looked in, and they are putting up Seattle’s Best Coffee signs. There are Seattle’s Best trucks outside. I wish I had my camera. Does anyone have any info?

  • simsalabim

    Is that Chris guy who runs that waitress website there? Is he that much of a dope as he seems from what I’ve read?

  • above average joe

    Seattle’s Best? I’ll stick to Cranberry’s thank you.

  • xm

    Cranberry’s is awful! Yuck.