Cranberry Corner is Poppin’

The new coffee shop at Cranberry and Henry, Uncommon Grounds, continues its series of “invitation only” events tonight with The Groove Project, Heights Jazz on Friday and a private party on Saturday. Clearly our invitations have been lost in the mail.

According to Qfwfq, last night’s event at UG, featuring comic Andy Vastola, appeared to be well attended although the room seemed “a little bright”.

Down the block at 60 Henry, Busy Chef looks ready to open as food deliveries were being taken last night. Brooklyn Paper’s always saucy and sassy Heights reporter Christie Rizk has a piece on the latest happenings at CoC in this week’s edition.

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  • above average joe

    What I really find hard to believe is that a guy who was fired by Batali is being forced on us like this. I think we deserve better.

  • Miriam

    me too! i had when i am forced to do things!

  • xm

    what are you talking about Joe? How is anyone being forced on you?

  • Arthur_G

    apparently we reside in a communist section of King’s county wherein no one has a choice. next thing you know they build a dome in DUMBO and we go all “Logan’s Run.”

  • BP

    That would be cool, except I’d already be dead.

  • Brad

    I used to work with Chris, he’s a smart guy and a good man, but I often felt that he was just a little delusional.