Boccelism Stopped at Summer Tourney


P10502712.jpg The Summer of Schadenfreude in the FloydNY Bocce League culminated Saturday with three four time champs Boccelism eliminated in the semi-finals by the Coffee Flats Terrors.

On the other side of the bracket Fink's faux foes If You Want My Bocce were knocked out in the Final Four by Jimbo's Sweet Meat All Stars. 

That set the table for the final match between CFT and the Sweet Meat All Stars. The Terrors handily beat the Meats 7-0, 7-6.

This marked the first time in three four seasons that Boccelism failed to emerge as champs. Opposing teams have displayed frustrations at the dynasty in the making via bathroom graffiti, trash talk and homemade T-shirts.

Homer Fink and Brigate Bocce will return to the FloydNY league for the Fall Season.  Fink comments from his villa in Palermo, "Emergeremo come i campioni e noi promettiamo di mantenere il divertimento del bocce."

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  • anonymous

    Boccelism has actually won the tournament four times.

  • Capt-o-lism

    Yes. Boccelism has won the FOUR previous championships!
    Please give the team their due respect.
    Bathroom graffiti-whatever.
    Having to hand write “Boccelism” tags for the tournament brackets- F’ed up but whatever.
    “3 times champs…”- inexcusable.

  • CFT

    Siamo molto felici di vincere il nostro secondo campionato. Il più bene di fortuna l’anno prossimo, ma vincerli dovrà passare attraverso noi.