CoC Redux?

While it’s still unclear what the relationship between the new ventures at the spot formerly known as “Corner of Cranberry” is, Brooklyn Enthusiast reports that the “chef” of Busy Chef is providing baked goods for new coffeehouse/performance venue Uncommon Grounds. Recently, BHB reported that the other new restaurant opening at the former CoC, Oven, was not affiliated with Busy Chef. But there’s still a connection between the three as Bitterwaitress founder/ manager of Uncommon Grounds Chris Fehlingher is associated with Oven. So, in essence all three businesses are related in their own complicated way. Hey, if that collusion results in yummy lattes, hardy guffaws and a nice glass of Pinot, we ain’t complaining.

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  • xm

    Does anyone know anything about the new kid’s party space opening next to the nail salon on Henry Street? It’s in between pigin out bbq and the blue pig. There is a sign outside with contact info.

  • donut_lover

    I saw a sign on that space yesterday that said that there would be a Dunkin’ Donuts moving in! Seems to be gone today, though. Was it some sort of joke?

  • jessasox

    Busy Chef has really yummy donuts.

  • Greg

    hey i love the busy chef treats. and the owner is a really nice, very active pro-brooklyn guy. so yeah, i guess i’m *hoping* these folks are all involved in with another in some way.

  • xm

    You know what just shocked me? I just happend by Cranberry’s to get my morning paper, and see the owner loading items out of his suv. (btw: Etenmann’s?) And what did I notice? He has Pennsylvania plates. I had always thought he was a Heights resident.

  • above average joe

    XM, you’re a shill for Busy Chef. Give it up. It’s sad. I just hope you’re not that chef dude. That would be tragic.

  • Rocky

    If from PA, he or she should bring Tastykake!!!

  • above average joe

    Oh and I hear that all the Busy Chef people are from MANHATTAN! I see them coming out of cabs every day! Carpetbaggers!!!

  • nabeguy

    XM, you’re pretty easily shocked. So what if he lives in Pennsylvania? Jim’s store has been in the Heights longer than just about anybody around, going back to the original store (which actually was on Cranberry Street behind what is now Jack the Horse). He’s shown an unparalled dedication to this neighborhood and customers, as well as his employees, may of whom have worked there for years, such as Chris, who drives in 2 hours every weekend from Upstate NY to open the place at 5:00 AM. Heights resident or not, he’s managed to build a solid and thriving business here; the others on CoC could take a lesson from him.

  • xm

    So you watch what goes on at the Busy Chef all day and night? Very creepy.

  • above average joe

    No, I’m watching you watching what’s going on at Cranberry’s.

  • averagejoe

    Hi Above Average Joe, Bran Muffins, and Joe. I’ve been on vacation but I’m back! I’m glad to see your “rear window” esche life continues… Who’s plotting against you this week?

  • joe

    Not a fan of cranberry’s products though I do occasionally buy their cupcakes when I’m in the mood and b/c I do want to support them as a local business. I actually will go all the way to Almondine in dumbo for pastries if I want something really good. Stopped by the busy chef twice since they opened and I can’t say anything looked that great–I wound up buying a beverage which was pretty cheap.

    Off topic, I tried Petite Marche the other night and the food was very good. Prawn special and burgers were excellent. Service nice and attentive. I’ll be returning to try their cassoulet.

  • above average joe

    Esche? Are you from Boston, Average Joe?

  • averagejoe

    Nope, why do you ask?

  • Arthur_G

    everyone who can find a remote relative or has a place in the Poconos uses their address to register their car in PA. The insurance is 1/3 of what it is here. look around and see how many PA plates their are.

  • Brooklyn Enthusiast

    Here’s what I can confirm: the Busy Chef chef is indeed the chef at Uncommon Grounds. One of the main folks at Uncommon Grounds is involved with Oven, which I believe was confirmed by Brooklyn Heights blog. But what isn’t clear is whether that chef will also be the chef at Oven, which I got a tour of last week. That same chef also let me taste a calzone, which may or may not have been for the future Oven menu. Either way, we’ll have a nice pizza alternative in the near future.

  • Kate

    Thoughts on Busy Chef…
    1) How busy can he be? Everytime i walk by, he is outside on his cell phone.
    2) I’ve only been in once, and was pretty turned off; it’s trying hard, but just needs some direction. The scone i had was horrible
    3) it would be nice if they could do something environmentally friendly about the packaging. EVERYTHING is in huge plastic containers, which makes it look very unappealing.
    4) They need a niche/focus…something that they specialize in….and it would be great if they could feature local foods!!

  • Bran Muffins

    I am sure you are all happy to see me back.

    Here’s how I see it.

    Kate and Above average joe = the two most observant posters in this thread.

    Busy Chef – wont be busy for much longer. I have been in there, and wont be going back. Food in plastic containers is more than bad for the environment – it is simply unappetizing.

    Uncommon Grounds – why is a coffee shop not open in the morning? That is crazy talk. Wine in half bottles though – that’s great, but sounds like another muddled restaurant concept.

    The report about all these places being connected has been proved true. Hate to say I told you so. We need the medicre restaurant regime to be ousted, and some room made for something that will stick!

    – Big Hater

  • Miriam

    For someone with a name like Bran, you should certainbly be concerned about things sticking.

  • Bran Muffins

    word up miriam

  • Bran Muffins

    word up, miriam

  • Arthur_G

    is it “nitch” or “neesh?” I am never sure.

  • BP

    Do you mean “niche?”