Graffiti Vandals Collared

BHB photo by C. Scales

BHB photo by C. Scales

This in from Judy Stanton, Executive Director of the Brooklyn Heights Association:

The 84th Precinct captain just stopped by to tell me that the graffiti taggers using Rex and Guder, whose tags were found on public and private property all over the north Heights, have been arrested. Credit goes to the arresting officer, Freddy Ahmetaj, and the taggers, who were caught on camera, will be charged with multiple counts of graffiti.

Unfortunately, “Guder” was able to tag one of the useful Brooklyn Bridge Park maps posted on the Promenade (the one near Clark Street) before being caught (see photo above).

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  • DAB

    How is that map useful? It *might* be useful, but presently the park is basically a construction zone, not a verdant expanse.

  • Claude Scales

    DAB: I find it useful in relating the construction activity underway with the completed park as planned.

  • Sensei Brian

    Getting picked up did not deter Guder as he tagged the Dojo sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning.

  • lifer

    I am waiting for the civilian sentences to be delivered on the guy who attacked the 67 year old, if a graffiti writer should get his arms cut off, head tattooed, and hands hammered, what should a guy who attacks an older lady get?..I am surprised at the lack of anger towards him…

  • hoppy


    If it makes you feel better, I’d like to see any mugger have all fingers chopped off, house burglars and bank robbers put on a chain gang planting trees in the new Brooklyn Bridge Park, the Heights Bomber’s forehead branded and Chef Dan spun violently for two hours in the Whirligig.

    As for graffiti vandals, I always admired Sean Penn’s street justice in the movie “Colors.”

  • nabeguy

    Hoppy, are you on poppy? You ever taste Krylon? lifer, not for nothing, but both of our theories that this was the work of local youths didn’t quite pan out. Apparently, Jersey is now da bomb…and they’re welcome to keep their toys on that side of the river.

  • lifer

    I was caught tagging once in Bushwick (back before it was hip), and the cops made me paint a curse word on my friends forehead, and him one on me. I was happier to do that than spend time being processed, I am all for the punishment fitting the crime, I just think there’s way too much outrage on graffiti, and not enough on more important crimes up in the heights.

  • Sticky

    Everyone one is all pissed. Though it is good to hear that Guder willl not deface the hood anymore. Or at least for a few months.

  • Sensei Brian

    Last I heard the 84th had amassed 21 charges. If you think you know of a tag that they may have not included in the tally, contact the 84th and they’ll investigate 718-875-6811.

  • my2cents

    One of my neighbors spoke to the cops since our building was one of those tagged, and they mentioned that these two lived in the St. George dorm (shocked anyone?). So that means someone owes Mike an apology since he did in fact point out the likelihood of this like 2 weeks ago after following the pattern of tags.

  • nabeguy

    m2, you’re right. Given his fine sleuthing skills, Mike should now be known as Mike Hammer. And I admit that I had it wrong in thinking it was home-grow miscreants.

  • x

    I suppose this is rex

  • No One of Consequence
  • Mark Wall

    why does law enforcement make it so easy if the fines are stiff with jail time they might not want to think twice about the crime?