Graffiti Vandals Collared

BHB photo by C. Scales

BHB photo by C. Scales

This in from Judy Stanton, Executive Director of the Brooklyn Heights Association:

The 84th Precinct captain just stopped by to tell me that the graffiti taggers using Rex and Guder, whose tags were found on public and private property all over the north Heights, have been arrested. Credit goes to the arresting officer, Freddy Ahmetaj, and the taggers, who were caught on camera, will be charged with multiple counts of graffiti.

Unfortunately, “Guder” was able to tag one of the useful Brooklyn Bridge Park maps posted on the Promenade (the one near Clark Street) before being caught (see photo above).

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  • my2cents

    Good job NYPD!
    I would love to know who this miscreant was. Maybe his punishment should be having his retarded tag tattooed across his forehead backwards.

  • David

    “Rex and Guder” would make a great title for a sitcom.

  • north heights res

    The arrest must have come today–as I commented elsewhere earlier, he hit a building at the corner of Clark & Hicks last night. Paint was still wet this morning.

  • Homer Fink

    Well done 84th! Kudos to Freddy!

  • AEB

    Thank you, Jesus! And the 84th.

  • nabeguy

    Freddy A! The BHA! Great collaboration in putting this aberration behind bars.

  • x

    They ought to amputate their arms off so they can’t spray paint anymore.

    Eye for an eye.

  • the banned

    they’re kids with paint, they are not going to go behind behind bars, grandpa. calm down.
    An FYI to the BHA and others: Graffiti can be cleaned off most surfaces and painted out of painted surfaces. The BHA should invest a tiny portion of their war chest on a program that cleans and re-paints surfaces vandalized by graffiti. The sooner you clean it off the less likely that it will be re-tagged.
    That said, the 84th deserves a big Thank You for catching these two, whose community service should be to clean up graffiti.

  • Nance

    It really helps that so many of the buildings have video cameras now. Our building at 60 Pineapple just added one this year.

  • Eason


  • nabeguy

    TB, since you seem to be such an expert on graffiti removal, can you offer any suggestions on how to eradicate your posts? The BHA did exactly what it’s supposed to do…put pressure on the 84th to understand the scope of the problem and put an end to it rather than throwing money at a band-aid solution that only covers the problem without eliminating it.

  • the banned

    NG: You’re too much, when are you going to start yelling to get off your lawn?

  • nabeguy

    TB, only when you lift your leg on it,

  • the banned

    LOL! you win gramps!

  • nabeguy

    Peace TB. Maybe you and I can share a round of Metamucil together.

  • The Where

    don’t kid yourselves people the BHA didn’t get these punks nabbed photos on BHB put the pressure on big time!

  • Peter

    I say pound on his hand with a hammer about 10 times.
    and lets see what he will tag next.

  • nabeguy

    You just couldn’t resist, could you TW? Judging from some of the more violent punishments proposed on this thread, I’d say that graffiti has morphed into something beyond the realm of a “quality-of-life” issue. Was that a lion roar I heard?

  • Harry the Horse

    Don’t be so sure about the community service punishment. I have read that the Brooklyn DA has a special graffiti program and they have put some of these “artists” behind bars. Manhattan and Queens same thing. There is a whole graffiti culture out there where they take pride in their “art”, post the vandalism on line, and brag about it. My guess is if these misdemeants are members of that subset, the DA would ask for time. Kids with no priors, nothing else going on, community service.

  • inspector Javert

    Are my IP addresses banned? I try to post comments but they all are subject to “moderation”. Should I change my name to The Banned II?

  • inspector Javert

    Thank you Claude for posting this info. What are their names and where do they live? Will someone please contact the precinct and share this info for an early crime blotter report?

  • Andrew Porter

    It’s possible they’re juveniles, and their names would thus not be released.

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    “They ought to amputate their arms off so they can’t spray paint anymore.”

    “I say pound on his hand with a hammer about 10 times.”

    What is wrong with you people?

  • lifer

    When I got caught writing graffiti when I was a teenager, in the 80’s (I was in the Bergen st station on my way to the Art Students League for sat morning model drawing classes) , I had to take a tour of Prospect park where park rangers showed us how monuments were destroyed by graffiti, and then had to paint the monkeyhouse at the zoo . It really didnt deter me much. Kids will be kids.
    I would like to know if these guys are college students or high schoolers, I was pretty much done with ‘writing’ by the time I was 18, alot of kids these days are starting their graff careers in college after moving to the big city from elsewhere.
    Also, I second Made in Brooklyn’s sentiment, how come you guys didnt wish this kind of harm to say the continuous parade of Heights muggers, break in thieves, bank robbers, the Heights bomber, and chef Dan?, but young kids doing stupid human tricks need to have their arms cut off and hands hammered? get your priorities straight.
    I have said it before, a large portion of the graffiti produced in the Heigths is the work of the sons (and daughters) of Heights residents, I hung out in front of Burger King forever when I was a teenager, went to Packer for 2 years, and know this to be true.

  • AEB

    Re the Draconian recommendations: a lot–most?–people live with a great deal of anger….


  • my2cents

    There is a vast difference between Graffiti as an art form, and tagging as vandalism of private property. Let’s not confuse the two. This Guder was clearly in the latter category.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Of all the graffiti left by guder, the most annoying was the one on Tony’s stone stoop between Middaugh and Cranberry on Hicks. It annoys me enough that I would like to erase it. Any suggestions on how to erase paint from this stone stoop?


  • my2cents

    Yes, Karl. I see that one every day and I want to get rid of it too. Maybe Tony should take care of it himself? Is he aware that it’s there?

  • lifer

    I googled “removing spray paint from concrete/stone” and it turned up a bunch of stuff. That should be something they make Gruder himself do, it sounds arduous.

  • Rocky

    Sez the Brooklyn rag:
    “Cops identified their suspects as Rex Ikwueme, aka Rex, a 20-year-old freshman at Pace University, originally from Maryland.

    His 19-year-old partner in crime is Joseph Daiuto, also known as Guder, from Hawthorne, N.J., police said.”

    Couple of outlander teenagers. Adults. Time for a few weeks paid vacation at a beaufiful little island in the East River, followed by time with chemicals and a scrub brush.