Remembering Mailer Two Years Later

Brooklyn Heights resident, former NYC mayoral candidate and world renown author Norman Mailer died two years ago today from acute renal failure.   We thought it appropriate to remember the cantankerous writer with this clip from his 1968 appearance on Firing Line with William F. Buckley Jr.

Also, today’s Brooklyn Eagle has an interesting retrospective on Mailer.

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  • AEB

    Battle of two towering egos.

    Mr. Mailer brings audacity. Mr. Buckley delivers smugness….of, in my opinion, a particularly repellent kind.

  • the banned

    I met Mailer a couple of times, I found him to be the epitome of an entitled, obnoxious, old codger. What a pill.

  • AEB

    Banned, he was…Norman Mailer. In old age. You were expecting a TV-show host?

  • Jazz

    I wish the banned ….. Was.