Herd for the 33rd Thunders to the Finish Line

herdAfter tomorrow, your phone will stop ringing incessantly with what prove to be recorded announcements from candidates or their endorsers. Letter carriers will celebrate a reduction in the bulk of their deliveries. Tomorrow is primary election day.

Today, the Daily News endorsed Evan Thies in the Democratic primary for the 33rd City Council District. Previously, the Times endorsed Jo Anne Simon, while Borough President Marty Markowitz threw his support to Steve Levin. Our reader poll favored Heights resident Doug Biviano.

Be sure to vote tomorrow.

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  • bill mccormick

    thank god its over tomorrow
    i’ve been getting about 10 robo-calls a day!
    this afternoon i got one that was almost unintelligable
    i thought it was some drunk…it was Major Owens!
    (I thought he died)

  • the banned

    I am a grown-up with property and family and a job and I pay a lot of taxes. I am grateful for the many blessings my education and hard work have brought me. I am voting for Simon because I think she is the most experienced and honest candidate. I hope she wins.
    I hope that the publicity will help Doug Biv land a good job. He needs one to support his family. I know he believes this will help him get a better job, and I hope it does.
    Levin to me seems like a heart-throb actor from ER or Entourage.
    Please, let’s vote for the grown up OK? there could be quite a bit at stake.

  • Adam G

    For candidates that all profess their respect for the environment, most of them sure kill a lot of trees.

  • nabeguy

    tb, I think that Biv is smart enough to realize that Monster.com offers better opportunities for job placement than running for political office.

  • Community Reactivist

    The Banned, I am glad you finally are wishing Biv well, whatever the outcome of this race. He’s put in an extraordinary effort!

    But age doesn’t equal maturity.

    Simon doesn’t stand up for much of anything — certainly not for anything risky. When the moderator at the St Francis debate asked what she’d stood up for, it took her a long time to answer and the example she gave was minor — not Atlantic Yards, Gowanus clean-up, etc. I can’t even remember it now.

    She represents the status quo, and by virtue of her district leader position Simon is not an advocate but rather a conciliator. She may be honest personally, but not as a candidate. Simon associates herself with many local issues, but in the vaguest of terms, so that her minimal involvement can’t be challenged. She had an overnight change of heart over housing in Bklyn Bridge Park — but her true feelings were evident at last week’s debate. (She didn’t bring up the PIRC plan and almost forgot to say she’s against additional housing in the park — because she’s always been in favor of it.) Simon is the favored candidate of those who launched the 2004 plan to add the housing WITH NO COMMUNITY INPUT. Not an honest way to deal with the community that’s supposedly so important to her.

    Levin might be ok — but if he’s directed by Vito Lopez, he won’t be working in our best interests. If he doesn’t tow the Lopez line, he may become a new version of Diana “Vengeance is Mine…er, Vito’s” Reyna, who disagreed with the boss and is now paying for it. Neither alternative is good for our neighborhood.

    This leaves Thies, who has more political and City Hall experience than either Simon or Levin — he wrote and passed bills in City Hall, worked in Brooklyn Heights, lives in Williamsburg, was a political reporter at a young age and has worked on some national campaigns as well. He has good positions on BBP and Atlantic Yards, and knows how to get things done for our district in this ear of shrinking budgets and growing needs. There is indeed a great deal at stake. Choose wisely.

  • nabeguy

    Sorry, but I can’t myself. Community Reactivist, stick it in your ear (and re-read your post)

  • the banned

    The status quo has not exactly resulted in rampant poverty and starvation in our neighborhoods. Things are by and large pretty good in the 33rd compared to other parts of the country. I don’t understand this “overthrow the status quo” business. What will that offer us? Will it do a better job educating our children and making our streets safer? Save the coup d’etat rhetoric for failed states. We need to build on our successes not throw them away.

  • davoyager

    It’s sad the vote here downtown is so divided. Because of this our voice is dimished.
    The Democratic Machine can have it’s way with us and we are not accurately representated.

  • ABC

    I admit I have not spent one moment thinking about this race. Is there a good site with a side-by-side on positions?

  • Homer Fink
  • nabegirl

    @davoyager : you are right. I think the Biv might just come out on top because of that.

  • lcd

    Is there anyone to complain to about those annoying robocalls and ridiculous amounts of junk mail? almost turned me off voting entirely. bad enough having to watch federer slowly losing it and to also have phone calls from “out of area” every 10 seconds! I know they’re exempt from the do-not-call lists, but c’mon, enough already.

  • Community Reactivist

    No need to overturn the status quo — but there are many people out of work here, and many more daddies (and mommies) taking their kids to school in the a.m. There are even more empty storefronts on Montague than before, and home prices are going down even in this landmarked area. We are cushioned by our relative affluence, but the tax rolls are WAY down, and we need someonr to deal with the diminished funds and come up with solutions. The Times has an artivle today on school buget cuts and how principals are dealing with them.

  • David on Middagh

    lcd, I’m with you. I was leaning toward Evan Thies, but one of his guys rang my buzzer *again* yesterday, and in fact woke me up (nothing puts me to sleep like wine and tennis). Should I vote against out of spite?