Mr. Junkersfeld’s Neighborhood – Get Out and Eat!

Brooklyn Heights’ answer to Bob Lape, Karl Junkersfeld hits the road with his documentary film crew (aka his feet) and provides us with a fantastic primer on great restaurants in Brooklyn Heights and beyond.

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  • FoodFan

    Stopped watching after he incorrectly identified the first restaurant in the LES as “4 Clinton.” That’s the address, but the restaurant is called “The Clinton Street Baking Company.”

    A little bit sloppy, don’t you think? Those pancakes deserve better!

  • AEB

    Lotsa “beyond.” For obvious reasons….

  • Smarty Smarkowitz

    Haters. Mr. Junkersfeld is a great auteur! Bravo!!

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    FoodFan, you are absolutely correct. Very sloppy work. Considering the salary that Homer is paying me for producing this stuff, it deserves a much closer inspection before being released.

    Wait a second, I’m not getting paid a cent. Just goes to show you that you get what you pay for.

    I’ll try a little harder next time. You are entirely correct, the bakery responsible for producing such delicious pancakes deserves to be identified properly. Thanks to you, that has been taken care of.


  • Billy Reno

    Nice and informative, but please focus on B Heights as advertised!

  • Tina

    Well I liked this a lot – but there was no Brooklyn Heights restaurants…so I thought that was weird – I watched the whole thing and took notes but no Heights spots :( I’ll follow him now though and keep an eye out.

  • Andrew Porter

    I saw a couple of Heights places in the “to come” section: Teresa’s, and at least one of the places on lower Henry Street. But herky-jerky video shots ruined the images—wish he’d invest in a camera with a steadicam function—and the shots of the skateboarders on Columbia Heights give little sense of the steep hill there, make it seem like they’re zooming along on a level street.