Times Endorses Simon in Herd for the 33rd

The New York Times today announced its pick from the herd for the 33rd City Council District: Jo Anne Simon. According to the Times editorial:

There are several excellent candidates vying to replace Councilman David Yassky, who’s also running for comptroller. Stephen Levin would be a prime candidate except for his entanglement in the Brooklyn Democratic Party machine. Evan Thies, an aide to Mr. Yassky, has been active on reform and clean-air issues. Jo Anne Simon has an impressive legal background and has been a strong community organizer who has done important work for the disabled. We endorse Ms. Simon.

In the race to replace Council Member Bill DeBlasio, a candidate for Public Advocate, in the neighboring 39th district, the Times has endorsed Brad Lander. Listen to D-39 candidate Gary Reilly on the Homer Fink Show here.

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  • http://www.realreformbrooklyn.wordpress.com Real Reform Brooklyn

    We think that the endorsement is, at best, lukewarm. We also think that the real back story is Atlantic Yards and Simon towing the line for the Times’s development partner – Forest City Ratner.

    Check out our view of the matter http://www.realreformbrooklyn.wordpress.com

    You should also see Norman Oder’s spin at http://www.atlanticyardsreport.blogspot.com

    Keeping It Real

  • http://atlanticyardsreport.blogspot.com/2009/09/was-ay-factor-timess-endorsements-simon.html Norman Oder

    Hmm… my analysis is “spin” while RRB’s is “view.”

  • http://www.realreformbrooklyn.wordpress.com Real Reform Brooklyn


    You are the best! And so self-aware too!!


  • Community Reactivist

    Joanne Simon will follow in the footsteps of the Brookln greats who’ve brought us Atlantic Yards and Brooklyn Bridge Project, er, Park … Marty M. and Marty C.

    Does Simon say what Brooklyn Speaks?
    Not if you’re really listening.

  • http://realrefombrooklyn.wordpress.com Real Reform Brooklyn

    BrooklynSpeaks “sell out.”


  • Community Reactivist

    Please understand — I am mocking the name “Brooklyn Speaks.” Brooklyn speaks, metaphorically speaking, and Simon doesn’t listen and does what is best to preserve the staus quo and not stir thing up too much. You may be only kidding, I can’t tell, but seriously… If she is elected, we will have a very pleasant , intelligent Councilwoman, one who listens to our concerns and then does what’s best for, yes, Marty C., Marty M., Joan Milllman, Christine Quinn, Michael Bloomberg (assuming he is reelected due to his financial juggernaut (and the few good things he’s done.) JoAnne Simon doesn’t speak for Brooklyn, but for the people who want to run it THEIR way.

  • Monty

    As a Brooklynite, I heartily support the Atlantic Yards project and the park.