Bjork and Barney to Brooklyn Heights Goes Through the Looking Glass

Here we go again – So yesterday, a tipster tells us they heard someone standing in front of 160 Henry talking about a “deal falling through” there because “they broke up” and adding that this is like the third time a couple involved with that apartment have split up.  Is “that” apartment a “jonah” they wondered.

Ha, ha I said I bet it’s Bjork and Barney.  I did not, however rush to the laptop and/or yell “stop the presses” in my old-timey newsman voice.  I continued drinking as any sane person would have done.

That is until late this afternoon when Gawker broke the news that the Icelandic pixie and her artist husband have reportedly split up:

Gawker: Oh, the art world! Like any insular set of people, it’s always swirling with the best rumors. The mystery that arty people are currently exploring: has Matthew Barney left his hipster elf wife Björk for sometimes-lesbian painter Elizabeth Peyton?


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  • nabeguy

    Must have been the maintenance charge…always a deal-breaker.