The Dashing Commuter

Photo by M. Hermann/BHB

Photo by M. Hermann/BHB

It took some wriggling, courtesy of the Fire Department, to assist this straphanger who took an express route down the stairs at the Borough Hall station, and ended up with his foot caught between the bottom step and the railing’s vertical support.  It happened just after 6:30 tonight on the stairs below the Municipal Building.  Engine Co. 224 and Ladder Co. 110 responded with hydraulic tools—just in case—but were able to free him without much effort.  He didn’t make his train, however, and instead found himself in the back of an ambulance, en route to Long Island College Hospital for observation.

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  • the banned

    I have had days like that. 2 words: scotch and ice cream.
    oh, sorry, three words.

  • nabeguy

    TB, are you referring to the cause or the remedy?

  • Eddy

    Put him up for an honorable mention Darwin Award…

  • Cranky

    lol Jane. Fellow spaz here. Just another form of spazz-er-size.

  • Cranky

    grr I mean spazz-er-cize.