More Details on Montague Street Summer Space

More details are emerging on Montague Street’s upcoming Summer Space program, which begins next Sunday, September 13. The first Sunday, titled the Festival of Nosh, will feature free samples every hour on the hour, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. List of vendors, and a festival map, after the jump.

Here’s a breakdown of who is offering free samples or discounts.

Free Samples:

Chipotle Mexican Grill
Monty Q’s Pizzeria
Tenda Asian Bistro
Subway Sandwiches
Lassen & Hennigs
Heights Café
Teresa’s Polish-American Restaurant
Caffé Buon Gusto

Free Samples and Meal Offers:

Eamonn’s Irish Pub: free samples, plus a free drink w/ brunch
Taze Turkish Cuisine: free samples & free wine or dessert w/ meal

Meal Discounts:

Lichee Nut Chinese Cuisine: 10% off any meal
Nanatori Japanese: 10% off any meal
La Traviata Restaurant: 10% off any meal



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  • Bob

    Am I the only one who just lost his/her appretite?

  • the banned

    Montague Street is a street for Pete’s sake, it’s not a mall. If you don’t like traffic, move out of the city. Traffic is the lifeblood of cities. I don’t know why the store owners on Montague put up with this nonsense, not to mention the poor souls who actually live on the street and may want to drive up to their buildings to load or unlead things. Last year’s closure was just dismal and depressing. It was the tumbleweed street festival. The promenade is just down the street, why would you want to sit in the middle of an ugly hot street when you could sit in the shade, with a pretty view on the promenade. This isn’t Times Square.