Open Thread Wednesday


Are you ready for some OTW?

See any good signs lately?

Google Street View… find any weird shots of the nabe?

Rent Control… can't beat that with a stick? 

BHB pal Howie Greene… sure he's a MANHATTAN agent, but wouldn't it be worth listing or buying with him just to hear stories about James Brown? (Note: We get nothing out of this… except for anecdotes.)

Are you ready for TRIVIA tonight? Will FINK recapture his crown?

Have you checked out the Brooklyn Film Festival

Drinking Cranberry's coffee and sitting on the Busy Chef's bench… what's so wrong about that?

…and anything else that's on your mind. 

Flickr photo by E-licious 

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  • Just me

    So, when’s 5 Guys opening?
    Did anyone notice that the photo place on Remsen which had the Barney outside is closed? They moved into Remsen Graphics. And, there were guys working inside the old Bolton’s space yesterday!

  • EJ

    New bike racks on Atlantic Ave, bt Clinton & Henry. We got much nicer ones on the Cobble Hill side:


  • EJ

    Hmmmm, didn’t let me insert images in my post…..
    Cobble Hill –
    Brooklyn Heights –

  • fishermb

    Any place nearby for a guy to get decent and affordable haircut? No barbershops please

  • nabeguy

    fishermb: Try Van Sicklen on Middagh St. bet Hicks and Willow
    A while back, somebody made note of the fact that the fire alarm call boxes in BH seem to be disconnected. From what I can see, it appears to be the enitre grid, including those inside PS 8. Anybody find out a reason? Were they considered outdated in this age of cell phones and 911?

  • Homer Fink

    Yes, cell phones killed the Call Box Star.

  • yo

    good affordable garage in the neighborhood?

  • Heights97

    Fishermb, what do you have against barber shops? The guy on Clinton Street with the ugly sign is actually really good and only $15.

  • nabeguy

    Yo, do you mean one without a long waiting list? Also, indoor or outdoor?
    Thanks for the update Homer. Do you know what they plan to do with the callboxes themselves? The’y make a great urban artifact/conversation piece in any home!

  • CS

    Try Hair Profiles on Montague Street for a haircut. See either Mario or Solange. Might be more expensive than the barber but not as pricey as Irene Dinov.

  • Claude Scales

    Nice photo of Grace Church.

  • Noone of Consequence

    Q Photo Henry St. is gone.

  • epc

    Second on Hair Profiles.

    Finding a garage space will be a problem, the Love Lane garage is closing and apparently one or two outdoor spaces in Vinegar Hill have closed. Most of the DUMBO garages have waiting lists now.

    Won’t miss Q Photo.

    There seems to be activity in the Bagel Lady space, though can’t tell what is going on.

  • ABC

    anyone ever try to sell their Brooklyn Heights apartment without a broker? anyone know anyone who did? Am I insane to even consider it?

    I know it would take some effort, but I’m willing to do that. I just can’t stomach giving 40k over to a broker when I think I could do it myself. I’m very familiar with our board and issues there so that’s not a big thing.

  • Bklyn Native

    I second Van Sickel on Middagh Street. $20 bucks for an excellent haircut. Ask for either Mark or Jessica.

  • Noone of Consequence

    I wonder if that’s SBUX going into Bagelady/Mike’s like I commented in the past?
    Q Photo wasn’t great, but was useful instead of trekking to Court St. to send a fax.

  • steve

    Has anyone heard anything new about whether Trader Joe’s is or is not coming to the Brooklyn Bridge “Park” at BBP One? Or was I just dreaming? I did not realize that Van Sickle charged only $20 for a haircut for a man. That is remarkably low. The going rate is about $30 to $35, I thought.

  • Danno

    Wouldn’t advise selling a co-op w/o a broker unless you’re very well-versed. Someone in my building tried recently and it was a train wreck. Would’ve been faster and easier to pay the commission.

    If you’re in Central or South Heights, try 110 Livingston for parking. The guys at Love Lane say everything else has a waiting list, though the one at Atlantic/Court isn’t all that long.

    Cell phones killed call boxes and pay phones.

  • Jen

    Anyone know when the Love Lane garage is closing?

  • nabeguy

    And does anyone know what’s to become of the Love Lane garage, especially since it seems to have been specifically designed to be a garage about 70 years ago? Seems like an expensive rehab to me.

  • Dan

    A letter from the garage says it’ll close “sometime this summer.” They’re gonna put up condos.

  • epc

    Love Lane garage(s) closes on August 31.

  • embee

    My neighbors just sold their one bedroom without a broker and were thrilled they did so. Said it was extremely easy, and it went off with hardly a hitch; they’d highly recommend it to others. (They were lucky in that they got multiple bids after two open houses.)
    I have no idea the pros and cons (ie, why it would be a train wreck for some), but that’s one anecdote to keep in mind — seems like it’s definitely worth considering.

  • Jen

    Thanks for the info on the garage. Good thing we only have a car and need parking for the summer!