Oven Ready to Cook?


There's a new look to the Oven website, suggesting that an opening is near.  While Oven spokespeople are mum about what's in store for the new Neights (the new catchphrase for the North Heights) eatery we do know that they're looking for tchotzkes, as manager Chris "Bitter" Fehlinger posted recently on his bitterwaitress.net:

So it seems that within a month my ultrasuede-lined, all candle-lit, 150-label wine list pizza joint will quietly appear on the Brooklyn dining scene. In fact, New York Magazine is already going to print something about it.

I mentioned when this began that there are little alcoves in the wall in which more conventionally minded folk would put wine bottles or perhaps candles.


I want to put good luck trinkets.

I've gotten a few. I need a few more.

If you have anything you want to send, I'd love to have it there with the story behine it. I'll cover postage and all.



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  • fishermb

    What’s with the secrecy and all? Are we supposed to be impressed and eagerly anticipating a new restaurant that we don’t really know too much about except pizza and a lot of wine? Opening a month from now would put them 2 months behind schedule, how about a little update from the owner for the people who will actually be eating there?

  • jason
  • jason

    6/ 6/073:07 PM
    Brooklyn Heights About to Get a Candlelit Pizzeria
    Brooklyn Heights: Oven, an “all candlelit, 150-label-wine-list pizza joint,” will soon open.

  • Kaz

    I love the Bitter boy….trickets he shall get.

  • http://www.andrewraff.com Andrew

    Looks like Oven is just starting to look for FOH staff– http://newyork.craigslist.org/brk/fbh/347399212.html: “I’m looking for several hard-working, sane, wine-savvy and reliable people to take the stage (and you should know it’s all about taking control) at my little Brooklyn restaurant and wine bar. We serve primarily pizza (in Brooklyn, the wonder of it all) from a normal old pizza oven, the kind with gas heat and metal doors. No bricks. I know, a borough shudders. There will be some exotic ingredients thrown in, but for the most part I am aiming for simple, fresh pizzas and esoteric wines in expensive stemware. There are about 35 seats. I should have over 200 labels on the wine list by the end of the year. ”

    (via Eater)

  • JGirl

    any news on oven’s opening?

  • nabeguy

    As of this morning when I walked by, it looked like they were installing what appeared to be electric lines, although it also appeared that all the dining area tables and chairs were also in the space. Can’t imagine why they would still be doing construction after they installed all the room fixtures. Looked like an “ooops, we forgot about the ” situation.

  • bartoy

    Well, I’ll be flying up from upstate SC for this one. You better believe that I won’t miss it.

    Bitter, see you soon.

  • http://www.readytoorderguide.com Ready To Order? Guide

    Thank you Andrew for the Craigslist link. I would say a very extravagant way to look for staff, but I hope it worked for them. The only thing is that considering that they didn’t open yet they may have to post it again.
    Another pizza place? Why not. Even if we really have a very good rated pizza places in this area I can’t wait to see what a real brick oven can do around here.
    They should open at the end of the month anyway.

    Good luck Oven !!!

  • theresa

    I ate there last night, as part of a friends & family promotion that was advertised on craigslist. I believe the opening is Wednesday. The pizza left a lot to be desired!

  • lakisha

    what is the best pizza restaurant in the heights? queen stopped making pizza and faschatti is awful???

  • Homer Fink

    A little place called “Grimaldi’s” .

  • nabeguy

    Yeah, too little. Do you think they’ll ever expand, or just leave us waiting outside either sweating or shivering depending on the season? Not exactly the best way to treat your customers. And now they won’t even let you order a pie to go without waiting in line!

  • lakisha

    thanks homer fink! Grimaldi’s is great – any suggestions in the immediate nabe – closer to henry or court?

  • crabby

    Not in the nabe, but there is a place called Adrienne’s Pizza Bar on Stone St near Wall St. Get the Old Fashioned – it’s great! Either one stop on the 2/3 train, or walk over the bridge – it’s worth it.

  • lakisha

    thanks crabby – will try and report back.

  • kilgore trout

    Had dinner here last night. These guys are still missing the mark. It takes some cojones to open a serious pizza restaurant with Grimaldis in the neighborhood, but this place isn’t even competing with Fascati. The pizza is only modestly better than fascati and a lot more expensive. The wine list is good, but they’re not giving me the ambiance or even the right meal to complement it. These owners seem deaf to the restaurant 101 reality that you’ve gotta get the basics down first, and with Noodle, Henry’s, and Petite Marche within spitting distance, you’ve gotta get it REALLY right.

  • gary smith

    An over priced dump
    with dry out of the box tasting pizza
    dont waste your money or time
    especialy with three super restaurants just down the block

  • i agree

    dan the owner the the worst chef/person that i have ever seen in my life!!!!!!!!!