Open Thread Wednesday


Blah…blah…blah… another week another OTW…. plenty of things to talk about including:

Mrs. Fink is very excited that all the neighborhood dogs are out in full force enjoying the weather. She'd like to know who your fave nabe pooch is…

Kustard King has no soft serv…. the controversy continues…

Pigeon poop killed tourist on Brooklyn Bridge in the 1980s. Thank Claude Scales for giving you another thing to be paranoid about…

Cadman Plaza Astroturf — toxic wasteland or family fun destination? 

The Long Island Restaurant…. come on, you know you have a story about it….


The Nannies of Brooklyn Heights photo exhibit… discuss…

Any plans on taking the Hamptons Jitney from Brooklyn Heights?

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  • JRG

    Any idea what’s happening in the big space on Clark between Henry and Hicks? The “Meet me at Clark Street” signs have come down…

  • Bklyn Native

    Renovations continue at Hillside Dog Park. The second human/canine water fountain is operational. A small flower garden is being constructed on the corner of Columbia Heights and Vine Street, a hydrant is being installed to keep everyone cool with a sprinkler this summer. Mrs. Fink and anyone else is always welcome to come on down and check out the hounds.

  • ultrvioltx

    Anyone know what’s going on with the putrid smell on Pineapple St bet. Henry & Hicks? I was walking home from the subway last night and it looked like some guys were excavating the dilapidated basement at 71 Pineapple. Entire block smelled (and still smells as of 8 am this morning) like raw sewage.

  • mcleaniac

    Has anyone in the neighborhood had experience with a POD-like moving company? I’m talking about a company that drops off a trailer near your home, gives you a day or two to fill it up, then picks it up and stores the stuff for you until your move or renovation is complete. I thought I saw a POD on Hicks (or was it Henry?) a few months back, but their site indicates that they do not serve the area (probably has to do with parking issues). Is there a comparable service that will come to our neighborhood?

  • Noone of Consequence

    Haven’t used it, but seems interesting.

  • MM

    Does anyone know whatever happened to Oven? It was supposed to open May 5, but never really seemed to or if it did has been hidden in the “curse” that is Henry St. Now the website no longer exists. Did it ever open or did it fail before doing so?

  • Claude Scales

    My favorite neighborhood dog is Wellington. He’s the pride and joy of BHB reader and commenter “spm”.

  • e.p.c.

    Staff at the parking lot at Washington and Prospect were taking various signs down this afternoon, has it been sold or is it closing?

  • MikeMang
  • JL

    Side note, one of the blog ads on the left side of the page:
    Top NYC apartments
    Human verified brokers. Top Agents. Broker and no fee.

    I guess this confirms that there are brokers of the non-human variety (perhaps reptilian).

  • mcleaniac

    MikeMang – I still think the Birds Eye function on MS’s is cooler, but Google streetlevel thing is probably going to end up being much more useful.

    Incidentally, I’m guessing Google took the photos c. October/November 2006 based on which stores appear to still be open (Kapadokya, Mike’s) and which seem to have yet to come (JtH).

    NofC, thanks for the tip.

  • http://none average jose

    Anyone know what was being filmed today in BH? There were at least 5 trailers parked along Court between Pierrepont and Montague (and around the corner on Court, too), as well as a catering “van” on Montague. At the same time (this was all around 3pm), there was an Eyewitness News van parked in front of the floral shop next to Monty Q’s–it seemed like they were interviewing the owners of the shop, though I couldn’t be sure.

  • Noone of Consequence

    Walentas won the Parking Lot easement. Outbid the current occupant by 10k annually. The property is leased by the Parks Dept.

  • Nigel

    Our favorite pooch in BH is of course Nigel, but we’re prejudiced. Oh, and on the topic of the “curse” of Henry St. restaurants, we were kicked off the bench in front of Busy Chef (by the chef himself) for drinking Cranberry’s coffee today – which I guess is fair, except for the fact that we’re locals who sometimes shop at Busy Chef. Would it have killed the Chef himself to let us sit there for a few minutes? Doesn’t seem very neighborly…

  • spm

    Thank you Claude for the kudos to Wellington (as well as the link to your blog.)

    Hint to all dog owners – Busy Chef allows you to run inside with your pooch to pick up stuff (they also have dog treats and a water bowl outside the place.) So far, the samosas I bought there were my favorite. It IS pricey, though.

  • Noone of Consequence

    Does anyone know if anything is finally going into the ground floor space of the St. George Hotel at Henry/Pineapple? Or is it just their semi-annual garbage purge?

  • alex k

    mcleaniac, yes birds eye view is cool but i still find it a little quirky (not the entire screen full fills up with the view, panning sometimes has different orientation views)..

    yeah i found out about google’s street views by accident also, and was pleasantly suprised it had all of bh (that’s what i was googling for anyway). to me, it seems the shots were taken around dec/jan/feb because in front of 200 cadman plaza (aka 75 henry st) there was a boiler trailer since my building was having its boiler serviced, it was there for a good few weeks and it was visible in the street view.. man am i glad that trailer is gone, it was an eye sore (not to mention it took up scarce parking spots)

  • Miriam

    I can see the Oven website on my Commadore 64

  • JGirl

    Has anyone been to Busy Chef lately? I don’t live in close proximity to it, and I’ve tried calling but their phones go directly to voicemail. It’s been like this for several days. Are they even open??

  • Sasca

    bc is open… they’re pretty nice, and the food’s pretty good. their corn/beef/chz burrito is great! their portions seem to be much smaller lately, but good for a diet. didn’t think the items were pricey, but didn’t get the steak either. and pretty much any business will narc on you if you advertize the competition in their store.