Bouncy Bocce

Brigate Bocce took its game to Cadman Plaza Park on Memorial Day to see what the game would be like on artificial turf. 

The park's new "grass" while looking lovely from afar, smells like a tire store, gets really hot and has more bounce to the ounce than Bootsy Collins.

Capo Homer Fink, Qfwfq and Mrs. Fink enjoyed a few games in a nice shady area of the park. Regulation bocce bounced like Spaldeens on the Cadmanturf, causing Fink and Qfwfq to bellow with laughter after the first throw.

Locals stopped and watched the exhibition match with many asking about the rules of the game and fanatics were curious about taking to the newfound "court" themselves.

Nevertheless, the turf is downright freaky. Rubber pellets (aka fake dirt) are already stroon across the concrete areas of the park. We hope that reports of its toxicity have been greatly exaggerated. 


Music in video from Star Wars The Musical.

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  • Claude Scales

    Did you try the Torino Two-Step?

    Always remember what Frank Zappa said when asked if he preferred to play bocce on grass or on turf: “I dunno. I never smoked turf.”