Brooklyn Heights Number One…

… in parking fines according to today's New York Sun: 

New York Sun: Brooklyn Heights Leads in Parking Fines: The New York City Police Department has doled out more parking summonses in the Brooklyn Heights area this year than in any other precinct in New York City, an analysis of police statistics shows.

As of May 20, 19,672 parking summonses have been issued in the 84th Precinct, which encompasses the Brooklyn Heights and Boerum Hill sections of Brooklyn. The total is more than double the amount of summonses issued in the majority of precincts in the city, and it surpasses by about 3,000 the number of summonses issued so far in the heavily trafficked Midtown South precinct, which encompasses Times Square and Madison Square Garden.

With about 1,000 more parking summonses issued in the Brooklyn Heights precinct this year compared to the same period last year, the neighborhood has surged ahead of the two precincts in which police handed out the most violations last year, the Kensington and East New York sections of Brooklyn.

Parking summonses in Brooklyn Heights have been on the rise for the past two years, the statistics show, increasing by about 25% during that period. Some experts say the spike is likely the result of a standoff between community members and the police over the alleged abuse of government-issued parking permits in the neighborhood.

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  • JL

    My father just got one on Sunday for parking in a No Standing Zone on Hicks between Clark and Pineapple (sign was blocked by numerous leafy tree branches). Yes, it was his fault and he will pay the entire fine ($115). Admittedly, he should have looked harder. Nevertheless, he had been parked for no longer than 15 minutes when we returned to the car to depart. It seems they just circle the neighborhood waiting to strike.

  • alex k

    on christmas eve, my gf at the time stayed over my place and was parked across from 72 henry, legally (we made sure not to block the sidewalk), last month she finds out she was written up a summons for that day for no standing (we made sure we were legally parked), except she never got the ticket itself? her car got towed and she had to pay the fines to get it back, i wonder if we can still fight it :-\

  • joe

    Alex I would contest if I were you–sounds expensive. Did you take a picture of the how you were parked. I’ve contested many tix that way esp where ramp sidewalks are concerned.

    I got a tix for parking on Willow st but I have no idea what the tix was for since I was legally parked and none of the other cars ahead or behind me got a tix. To make matters worse, the tix was so dirty and illegible I couldn’t figure how much or what I was being ticked for. Why would it look like sewer garbage if it the tix was freshly written that day (unless someone just placed it on my window as a joke?). I called their automated number to request for a copy which can take up to 30 days. Its been past 30 days now and I still haven’t received a copy of the tix. Our government is so screwed up even when they are trying to make money off you.

  • Arthur_G

    and yet it takes them 12 hours to disconnect a constantly honking alarm…

  • alex k

    i am planning on contesting it but i didn’t know i would be ticketed so i didn’t take a picture that day (nor did i receive any summons that day). my only chance now is to take a picture after the fact, to indicate how i remember being parked. i don’t know about most people, but i always get out of my car when parking before i turn the engine off to make sure people have enough space to get in/out and so as to make sure not to block driveways and sidewalks and such. this type of ticket is an insult to this due diligence i am proud of doing. it’s called consideration and it shouldn’t be punished.

    anyway sorry for the rant, just hope the fact that the ticket was paid off (in order to retrieve the car) isn’t interpreted as an admission of guilt.

    oh and speaking of practical jokes in bad taste, one person i know takes people’s tickets off their windshield so they never receive them (i hope he wasn’t in my area that fateful day), wouldn’t be too far fetched to find people doing the opposite.. you can try checking nyc’s online ticket site, just google for nyc parking ticket.. i would paste the url but the blog gets angry when links are posted.

  • timebandit

    hey folks
    to add to your greif about tickets in the area, I’ve lived in the heights on and off for about five years and all thought years my truck follows me because i need it for work, none the less, if you get a ticket head down to dept of finance at 8;30 am and fight it, even if you aren’t sure just by contesting the ticket you may get a discounted fine.
    I have received numerous tickets and disputed them all, even if the ticket isn’t written correctly, like your truck is red but they write pink, automatic dismissle, don’t let these pigs win. there are several traffic cops ( aka meter maid aka law enforcement exam failures) who only patrol the heights some of them i know by name there are 5 in total. Think about it if you’re working a job like that you probably aren’t the most intelligent person and also not the most understanding ( not to offend anyone). SO FIGHT THESE TICKETS !!! let the city know that we aren’t a bunch of morons who can’t read signs, unlike the gov’t permit bunch who think the street is there parking lot, meaning i haven’t seen a police percent on willow street yet , maybe’ it’s in a basement

    and if you deserve it well pay the fine