Buh Bye: Q Photo

q.jpgIf a store not a soul ever went to goes out of business, does anyone notice? Q Photo at 98 Henry Street is toast according to a few comments and emails we've received today. Let's hope something cool moves in before the next Presidential Inauguration.

Photo: Google Street View

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  • Bklyn Native

    Come on! You had to love the Barney street sign. I’m sure Barney’s creators were getting royalty payment from Q Photo.

    Digital photography, in just half a decade, has wiped out the mighty development/film industry.

  • nabeguy

    I’m amazed they hung in as long as they did especially since they seemed to sell more in the way of packing supplies than anything related to photography. Always hate to see a business shut down regardless of whether I frequented them them or not, but it does present new opportunities. Given the size of the place, I can’t think if too many businesses that would prove profitable in it, although the closet-sized nail salon next door seems to be making a go of it. Perhaps they could take it over and branch out into a foot spa!

  • Homer Fink

    Ditto on the foot spa NG, nuthin’ like a nice relaxed tootsie.

  • Just me

    Native, Q-Photo wasn’t the one with the Barney — that one was on Remsen & they’ve moved in with Remsen Graphics on the same block. . . Q-Photo, near Clark St. on Henry was the one with sesame character toys in the window and I never ever saw anyone go in there!

  • Noone of Consequence

    I saw the guy from the cleaners on Clark next to Heights Meats in the Q Photo space. Like he was supervising the clean-out.

  • Billy Reno

    Damn you Shutterfly!! Hmm, that space is just big enough to put in some Chase Bank ATMs. Hey, a boy can dream!

  • http://www.cheekyshideaway.com CroutonBoy

    Good riddance. They tried to charge us $0.75 for a $0.37 stamp once. That’s got to be illegal.

  • Noone of Consequence

    Actually, it’s not.

  • lk

    I am thrilled to see them gone. They were so unpleasant to me when I used to go there that a few years ago I decided that I’d rather deal with the inconvenience of going elsewhere than give them any more business. As a rule of thumb, it isn’t wise to lie to customers when they have the information needed (tracking numbers) to verify that you are lying…

  • BklynJace

    Agree with LK — massive overcharging on everything, and they were unbelievable jerks about it. A “handling fee” on something I packed myself? Get bent.

  • yo

    How about a tex mex takeout place……(a good one please)

  • steve

    Yo, I think a Tex Mex takeout sounds great. I thought “small upscale gift shop,” but then quickly realized it would be a bad idea for that spot, as much as I like small, upscale gifts. And by the way, speaking of that general area, what is going on at the former Bagel Lady / Mike’s Kosher Steakhouse site? You would think that such a location, right near the subway, would be a winner. People need bagels and cream cheese and coffee and cakes!

  • Just me

    OMG, Yo, a good taco stand would make me a very happy gal :)

  • No One of Consequence

    Definitely a cleaners moving into the Q Photo space. Unclear if the guy on Clark is relocating or expanding.