Subway Creep Busted

Miguel Ortiz's reign of terror over passengers of the number 2 subway train is over. Cops nabbed the "Subway Sicko", who reportedly robbed women at knifepoint of their gadgets and jewlery (and in at least one incident exposed himself) after he was identified by two of his victims.

The Daily News reports

Ortiz, 27, allegedly terrorized subway riders from Brooklyn to the Bronx, brandishing a knife as he zeroed in on young women with expensive gadgets or jewelry. The spree began last Thursday when the bandit attacked a 17-year-old on E. 229th St. in the Bronx, police said. He allegedly robbed at least two other women, one on a No. 2 train, in the next six hours.

At least two of the ripoffs had a disturbing sexual angle.

During one of the Thursday thefts, he forcibly kissed a 23-year-old woman on the mouth as he robbed her in Central Park near W. 109th St., police said.

Two days later, he had a knife in one hand and his genitals in the other when he confronted a 41-year-old woman on the train near Nevins St. in Brooklyn, police said.

He allegedly struck twice in quick succession Tuesday before he was captured.

At 7:30 p.m., as an uptown No. 2 headed to the Wall St. station, he ripped a chain off the neck of a 21-year-old and grabbed her purse, police said.

Then he ordered her to get off the train. It was a big mistake on his part.

The woman went directly to cops stationed there as part of a counterterrorism operation.


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