Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs

BHB's very own Homer Fink waxes philosophical on the local homemade sign phenomena in the latest Heights Lowdown in the Brooklyn Paper:

As revealed by The Brooklyn Paper in January, Roslyn Beck began posting her homemade placards to be “helpful.” And her signs were the cleanest, clearest way of directing pedestrians to the bridge entrance.

That Beck made the effort to post her signs is proof that there might just be a little Mayberry in all of us. Beck’s act of kindness is about as small town America as cooling an apple pie on your windowsill or asking your neighbor for a cup of sugar.

And on this baffling sign spotted last week:

Well intentioned as she may be, Bonzoni is no Carrot Top. As any Borscht Belt vet will tell you, when most people see the word “rats,” their ability to process humor, much less sarcasm, goes out the window. (Note to self: “mouse” funny, “rat” not so much.)

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  • nabeguy

    Aha so, that’s what Homer looks like!
    Signs, obscure or not in their message, are a pretty effective way to make people at least think about their own behavior. I used to put my “Curb Your Dog” signs about a foot off the ground i.e. at dog-eye level. If nothing else, it was good for a laugh, but in most cases, dog owners were so distracted by having to bend over to read the sign that they kept their charges from pissing on my hedges!

  • Claude Scales

    So, Homer wouldn’t chuckle over someone doing an impression of James Cagney saying, “You dirty rat!” (like “Play it again, Sam”, one of the great movie misquotes of all time)?

    Trivia question: can anyone remember the name of the group who did the song that the title of this post comes from? You can find the answer by scrolling down to the bottom of the lyric sheet, here.

    I can’t but wonder if the second verse of that song was inspired by the “commie” verse that was excised from all popular versions of Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land”:

    As I was walkin’, I saw a sign there,
    And that sign said, “No Tresspassin’,”
    But on the other side, it didn’t say nothin’,
    Now that side was made for you and me!

  • Nigel

    Actually Homer, I believe Tippy the cat was finally found alive and well after several weeks.

  • Teddy

    Someone told me that Tazza on Henry Street was closed by the DOH.

  • fishermb

    Not really related, but I walked past Oven yesterday and peaked in. The interior looked pretty finished with the exception of tables and chairs. Interestingly, there were tables and balloons and small chairs set up for what looked to be a children’s party. How about they worry about that later and open up already?