University Open Air at Center for Brooklyn History This Weekend: Register for Free Classes Taught by Immigrant Teachers, Professors and Academics

One of the many rewarding aspects of living in this neighborhood is that Center for Brooklyn History is at our doorstep.

This Friday through Sunday (April 19 – April 21), CBH is hosting University Open Air, which provides “immigrant teachers, professors, and academics, who were trained outside of the U.S., an opportunity to share their knowledge with the public by welcoming students to enjoy free classes.”

Here are some of the offerings:

Healing: Meditation on the Three-Syllable Mantra. A Simple Method of Healing Oneself and Others taught by Dr. Chok Tenzin Monlam from Tibet.

Makings Music From Our Surroundings taught by Matteo Liberatore from Abruzzo, Italy.

Unlocking Subconscious Potential: Empowering Emotional Wellness and Stress Management taught by Liuba Kostanda from Ukraine.

Chinese Tea Ceremony taught by Julia Adams from Beijing, China.

Sound Map of Salsa Music in New York taught by Marcelo Arroyave from Colombia.

Check out all of the courses and register at this link.

University Open Air is a Brooklyn Public Library program in conjunction with the Prospect Park Alliance.


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