Tree Warning Baffles


Anyone have a clue as to what the purpose of this sign on Pierrepont is all about?


Photo by BHB newshound Randi


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  • Jeremy

    Perhaps it’s intended to be a humorous way of asking the neighbors to clean up after their dogs.

    If so, I think it’s better than those signs showing a squatting dog and the prohibition symbol.

    I would prefer a haiku. This one was put up in a park in Boston (

    Careless dog owner
    Leaves poop smelling on the walk
    Offends all who pass


  • yo

    i think someone’s losing it a little

  • Claude Scales

    Evidently there is a Heights chapter of the Situationist International.

    Just a little culture jamming, Homer.

  • Jo Ann

    I would think it’s a swipe first at the idiots (my next door neighbor) who put bread out for pigeons (has anyone seen a starving pigeon? Isn’t pigeon poop annoying too? Also, tossing food around attracts rats as well as pigeons. And finally, the strictly disgusting people who routinely leave dog poop behind. As a dog-owner, I understand that you can get caught bagless if your pooch double-dumps you (apologies to the squeamish), but there are usually other walkers around to borrow from. And if not, there’s no excuse for not making a recovery trip. The signs I’m curious about are the ones posted all over the neighborhood saying the Emergency Call boxes are not working….what’s up with that?

  • alex k

    jo saw those too, i saw one on henry st, then saw another on cadman plz w, maybe the entire grid they connect to is not working right.. but good q!

  • Claude Scales

    Does anyone remember the movie Little Murders, based on a screenplay by cartoonist Jules Pfeiffer, in which Elliott Gould played Alfred, a disaffected commercial photographer who wandered around the Upper West Side shooting pictures (in the pre-pooper-scooper-law days) of dog droppings?

    Today, we have our own version of Alfred in Greenpoint’s own Miss Heather.

  • Bonzoni

    I was surprised to see that our signs made it into the blog. Now if only photographer Randi could be around with his camera to catch the fool who regularly throws a loaf of bread into the enclosed planted areas around our lovely gingko trees or when the other fool on his walkies picks up his little dog and puts him into the same place to poop. These areas have decorative iron surrounds with a sign that says “PLEASE CURB YOUR DOG”. The deliberate placing of the dog IN the ivy and violets that I find mind boggling!

    I don’t think many dog owners even know what curb your dog means. They allow them to lift their legs on stoops and trees. Kids play around these areas. I thank every dog walker I see who curbs their dog. As for the bread, Jo Ann is right. The dirty little rat problem in the neighborhood is exacerbated by people who simply are not using their brains.

  • Ed

    Something to the point would be far more appropriate. Subtlety and cute are lost on people who let there dogs dump on plants and who feed rats.