Open Thread Wednesday

Blue Pig, Interrupted

Lots of things to talk about this week and I'm expecting lots of chatter from the BHB community on:

Moxie Spot? Does that sound like a "family friendly" restaurant? 

We know you're ready for Busy Chef and Oven to open on Henry, but a cigar bar? Is that true?

Anyone here on the coop board  know what the deal is at 80 Cranberry? When's the scaffolding coming down? What's up with your storefronts?

Remember the Laundry Bag Man of Court Street

How 'bout that Le Petit Marche facade

We'll be starting a new series "Heroes of the Heights" soon. Who should we interview?

Brooklyn Paper vs. Brooklyn Eagle. 

The Sublet Experiment is next week in the nabe. It's a PLAY in someone's APARTMENT. We'll be there. Join us.

And tonight BHB's Homer Fink and Qfwfq will be vying for valuable cash and prizes at Dick Swizzle's Sudden Death Trivia Challenge at Magnetic Field. The fun starts at 8pm.  See you there. 


Photo: Blue Pig, Interrupted  by Mrs. Fink via BHB Photo Club on Flickr

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  • madabandon

    80 Cranberry is a rental, owned by one of the city’s more notorious “bad landlords.”

  • Homer Fink

    yes you are correct I am fixated. thanks for the info.

  • Claude Scales

    Support SPCAE (the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Effigies).

  • ultrvioltx

    Here are my thoughts…

    -Moxie Spot – bad name, but in the long standing tradition of other ill-fated Heights restaurants.

    -Cigar Bar sounds like another bad idea – why can’t we get a nice wine bar to open, perhaps serving upscale bar snacks/small plates? Anyone interested in financing this dream venture of mine?

    -Le Petit Marche facade – looks great. Nice to see a rehabbed storefront in that dreary section of Henry Street.

    -Random nagging question – what”s up with that nearly empty parking lot next to the small townhouses between Cadman Plaza & Henry (across from the Brooklyn Eagle building)??? Are those spots reserved for the residents of those townhouses? How can I get in there???

  • pbdotc

    am i pro jail or anti jail?

    i think i’m anti jail….

    Jail on Atlantic

  • marvinbk

    Oven is going to be a wine bar!

  • Average Joe

    The scaffolding has started to come down at 60 Henry!

  • frelkins

    i want an italian wine bar with aglianco, barolo, nice olives, and lots of prosecco.

  • BP

    Good link. Who told new buyers that the jail wouldn’t re-open? I’d be prone to think that as long as it was there and not occupied by anything else, that you run the risk of it housing prisoners again.

  • ultrvioltx

    Oven – wine bar? Once again, what is up with the terrible choice of names for neighborhood spots?

  • tim s

    For a place with a hearth for cooking? I think it’s a great name. Why are you so negative?

  • sef

    I was walking by the old store next to the bbq place on Henry Street and asked what was going on there, they said a cigar bar will be opening there in a few months.

  • ultrvioltx

    Not being negative, I just don’t think the name “Oven” (and all its warm/hot/burning connotations) suits a wine bar.

  • sef

    All of your postings are negative. Let’s support our restaurants, bars and stores in Brooklyn!

  • ultrvioltx

    Listen, I am the first one to support our local restaurants, bars and stores. However, I think it’s fair to say that if the folks behind these businesses want them to actually succeed, they need to be a little more savvy about how they run and market these businesses. I mean, look at Food Maestro, Aficionado, etc. – they’re all examples of poor attempts to break into what could be a great market.

  • BklynGal

    Homer, you should interview Rocky the barber at the Clark St subway. He has been there for 40+ years. I’ll bet he has some great stories!!!

  • Homer Fink

    If someone is a customer of Rocky’s and would like to write a piece, let me know. thanks BG.

  • sef

    They didn’t succeed. The restaurant business is a tough one. But let’s give the new people who are opening new restaurants/stores in their place a chance!

  • averagejoe

    I live in the building and the scaffolding is in the process of coming down. I know that one of the new stores has applied and been accepted for sidewalk seating. I also know that awnings are going up as soon as next week, when they are done with removing the scaffolding. I can also tell you that the landlords are investing allot of money into the building, and I can’t think of anything bad to say about them. Again, I agree with Sef. Can’t we be positive and honest? I have only started posting to stop this anti-business rehtoric on this site.

  • Homer Fink

    AJ, well said. For the record we’re pro-business, anti-constipated notions.

  • ultrvioltx

    Can’t we be honest??

    Well, you can try, though you may be lambasted for your ideas.

    For the record, I, too, am pro-business. However, as a business person, I see nothing wrong with lending my insight and advice to this situation. Talk to me about Noodle Pudding, Henry’s End, heck even Clark’s Corner, and I’ll have some positive things to say.

  • XXX

    Has anyone used the garage on love lane for an oil change?

  • Qfwfq

    Average Joe/Sef: I think, if you browse through the archives, you will find that this site is far from anti-business, and has been more than willing to try new spots when the opportunity arises.

    Personally, I also think “Oven” would be a kind of a strange name for a wine bar. Would you name a BBQ joint “Vino”? An ice cream parlor “Off The Grill”?

  • Homer Fink

    My ice cream place would be called “Lactose Intolerant”

  • smoker

    Fight! Fight!

  • Homer Fink

    Ok, my cigar bar would be called “Phelgm”

  • marcus

    I think Brooklyn is a terrible place to do business. I have lived here for ten years, and have never experienced a place that has a more difficult business environment. People here a very negative. Also, check for big news this week in the times, as noodle pudding’s lease is almost up and they are moving to Manhattan. I work for the Times. ;) Why? High rents, and low check averages. Looks busy, but doesn’t make money. This is just one more reason why Brooklyn is a bad place to do business. If it was, wouldn’t more restaurantuers want to be here?

  • Qfwfq

    According to Noodle Pudding (or the guy who answers the phone for them), they are not closing, nor are they moving to Manhattan. I await the Times article that rebuts this.

    I have a hunch — just a hunch — that “marcus”, “sef”, “tim s”, “marvinbk”, and “averagejoe” maybe might be the same person. I could be wrong.

  • jen

    yeah, brooklyn a bad place to do business? that is just crazy talk.

  • averagejoe

    Not me. Sorry, I’m just me.