Laundry Bag Man of Court Street Speaks

Scott Kalechstein is now an "inspirational speaker" and musician. But he was once "that guy who sold laundry bags" on Court Street:

Healthy Wealthy and Wise: From Bags to Riches: Six months after selling my last laundry bag and moving to California, I went back to New York to visit friends and family. I couldn’t resist paying a visit to Court Street, in Brooklyn Heights, where most of my bags were sold. I strolled into the Kosher Pizzeria that had become my hang-out over the years. The employees gave me a warm greeting. One of the waiters excitedly handed me a copy of the last week’s Brooklyn Heights Gazette. On the back page was a comic strip with yours truly in it. An artist had captured me in caricature, selling my wares on Court Street. The caption read, “Whatever happened to the laundry bag man?” I had left my mark on the streets of the city I grew up in! That felt good.

A few years later I was back in Brooklyn again, giving a concert. A woman in the audience was looking at me quite strangely all throughout the performance. She appeared dazed, confused and disoriented. At the concert’s close she approached me cautiously. “I know you from somewhere,” she said painfully, as she attempted to make a difficult withdrawal from her memory bank.

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