Are You Ready for Moxie?


Looks like we're in for something called the Moxie Spot a "family-friendly restaurant", brought to us by the "Brooklyn House of Fun LLC" at 81 Atlantic Avenue.  The notice posted outside the intended location says that public comments will be heard on their application for a liquor license at the next Community Board 2 Health, Environment and Social Services Committee meeting on Wednesday (4/4/07).

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  • averagejoe

    Does anyone know anything about the cigar bar that is opening on Henry Street next to the old bbq place?

  • JL

    Never heard anything about a cigar bar, would be an interesting (and unexpected) addition to the nabe. I imagine it can’t be that easy to get a permit for a cigar bar (presumably with liquor).

  • JS

    Anything that opens in that spot is doomed!

  • marvinbk

    I think with the changes to the building, (i.e. scaffolding coming down) things will start looking up. Secondly as a resident of Brooklyn I think we all need to start being more business friendly!