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Moldy Cheese at Grosstedes

Sure moldy cheese and items passed their sell-by dates are  fancy First World problems in Brooklyn Heights, but hunks of green goo being sold as “food” is still a shocker.  We snapped this photo of some “grozzeralla” at the Henry Street Gristedes last week.  Well at least it wasn’t an overpriced stick of deodorant.

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Grosstedes Does It Again

This from a BHB tipster: Check out the "sell by" date on this container of milk: August 22. That's OK if I didn't buy it TODAY from Gristedes on Henry Street (pic attached with receipt).  Isn't that illegal to have this on their shelves? I called the store and they offered a refund if I […]

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Accosted at GROSStedes

A BHB tipster wrote that she was accosted last week by a homeless person INSIDE the Gristedes on Henry Street. “He was cracked out and was asking for money,” our tipster says.  Disgusted, she ran out of the market without notifying the managers. Has this happened to you?  Is this a new low for Grosstedes?

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This Internet Widgety Thing Will Rat Out The Dirtiest Grocery Stores In Brooklyn Heights

Welp, for those of you who thought going to Columbia Journalism School was a complete waste of time, think again. Those crazy kids have come up with an widgety thing based upon NYC DOH info that will magically display the dirtiest grocery stores in any neighborhood. So which store is the dirtiest in Brooklyn Heights? […]

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Nabe’s Reaction to Re-Opened Gristedes

BHB Community members are speaking out on the new “improved” Gristedes at 101 Clark Street and so are some Brooklyn Heights based bloggers. Vittles Vamp is psyched about the new British food section: It might not be a Whole Foods, but damn if this isn’t a major improvement. We’re talking about a produce section that […]

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Great Grosstede’s Ghost!

A BHB tipster sent in this photo of a delicacy for sale at Peas ‘n’ Pickles on Henry Street.  As much as we love the P&P and as much as we know they’re working doubletime since the Great Grosstedes Fire of ’08, this is not the kind of stuff anyone likes to see on the […]

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Gristedes Gutted, Brooklyn Heights Nervously Awaits Rebirth

The fire damaged Henry Street Gristedes is under going what appears to be a total gut renovation.  Photos posted on McBrooklyn today show that the store has been stripped down to its bare bones.  While we’ve all slammed “Grosstedes” in the past,  life without it has been a real pain in the arse to say […]

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