Accosted at GROSStedes

A BHB tipster wrote that she was accosted last week by a homeless person INSIDE the Gristedes on Henry Street. “He was cracked out and was asking for money,” our tipster says.  Disgusted, she ran out of the market without notifying the managers.

Has this happened to you?  Is this a new low for Grosstedes?

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  • Qfwfq

    I noticed the cashiers getting accosted by Jehovah’s Witnesses at the Key Food on Montague last week. I suppose that’s to be expected though.

  • LD

    I’ve always been surprised I haven’t been accosted more by the witnesses, living pretty much in central heights, close to bossert. Is this a kind of unspoken understanding they have with the neighborhood? do they drum up business elsewhere?

  • Homer Fink

    See above link for my thoughts on that…

  • Enrico Fermi

    I shop at the Gristedes all the time, and maybe it’s because I used to shop at a co-op in the South Side of Chicago when I was in school, but Gristedes doesn’t seem that bad. Maybe the bananas could be improved, and it never seems to have skinless chicken breasts, but it’s close to my apartment and the subway. Don’t be so scared of germs — they strengthen the immune system.

  • beth

    I’m not going to blame a store for the people that wander in. I fault a store that has consistently rude cashiers, dirty facilities, too-high prices, and which ALWAYS needs price checks (sale prices do not ring up.) Why anyone would choose Gristedes over Peas n Pickles I do not understand.