All Along, The Watchtower

IMG_0004.jpgRobert Frost's Mending Wall is the origin of the oft-quoted "Good fences make good neighbors", a phrase that has been subject to interpretation for decades. On one hand it's an ode to xenophobia (i.e. Bush's latest plan to curb illegal immigration) or an homage to knowing one's boundries. We prefer the latter interpretation. Good manners start with knowing just how far to go with your neighbor.

That has been the case with Brooklyn Heights and the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society for many years, before BHB moved into the neighborhood.  It's been an unwritten code to some that we'll be great neighbors as long as you're not ringing our doorbell early in the morning with "good news" for us "worldly" folks.

Which is why we were surprised on Saturday morning to find a neatly enveloped brochure about THE END OF RELIGION left for us by a doorbell ringing bearer of "Good News". (PDF of leaflet: 1, 2, 3, 4)

This is America, where we enjoy the four freedoms — of religion, of speech, from want and from fear — we're more than able to find the belief system that's right for us. That includes being members of "false religions" or tolerating or engaging in "immoral sex".

Are we telling Watchtower not to actively seek out new members? No, we are in America and it's their right. However, our neighborly fences are in need of some repair.

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