Gourmet Dinners in Tiny Nabe Kitchen

As we're about to renovate the BHB kitchen, nothing catches our attention more than a story on great kitchen makeovers.  And when it's in the New York Times, about someone in the nabe who is the executive chef at The Harrison in TriBeca,  it sends us into a Snoopy Dance of home improvement/foodie joy.

29habi-3-190.jpgNew York Times: 4 Star Dinner Conjured from a 1 Star Kitchen: For the last 12 years, Brian Bistrong and Chieun Ko-Bistrong have rented the parlor floor of a Brooklyn Heights town house. It’s a nice place, though not a marvel of brownstone Brooklyn like many of its neighbors on Remsen Street. It has a small kitchen, which is peculiar, given that food — well prepared, fresh, local and organic, if possible — is a primary bonding agent for this couple.

The kitchen, which is six feet wide from backsplash to wall, is the only part of the house that Mr. Bistrong and Ms. Ko-Bistrong, who are both 38, have lavished any attention on. Four years ago, they transformed what was a typically forbidding New York City rental nightmare kitchen into a graceful 10-foot-long space with Ikea cabinets, butcher-block countertops and a stainless-steel refrigerator tucked in the corner behind a column.

The large kitchen window opens onto their charming block just a short walk from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. It’s a cheerful space.



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