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Historic Facade Restoration Completed At 177-179 Columbia Heights

The meticulous facade restoration at 177-179 Columbia Heights—where residents discovered lavish ornamentation adorning the first two floors of the 29-unit co-op building, comprising fruit, flowers and mythical creatures, dating back to 1920—has been completed. Six months and some $300,000 later, “It feels wonderful to have finally finished the restoration,” says Joe Levine, the resident who […]

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Sifton Reminisces About Pizzas Past, Looks to Future at BHA Meeting

New York Times National Editor Sam Sifton recalled a rough-and-tumble childhood growing up on Willow Street, learning tricks like heading down Grace Court, which would trick pursuers seeking to “yoke” him into thinking he would be trapped on a dead-end street, then going over the fence and walking above the BQE to safety on Remsen […]

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And So It Begins…Columbia Heights Sgraffito Restoration Project

The Columbia Heights Sgraffito Restoration Project officially has begun! As mentioned a couple of times before here at Brooklyn Heights Blog, the building’s co-op board had been looking to restore the unique sgraffito façade for years.

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Three Years Later: Columbia Heights “Sgrafitto”

Looking at the video, one can clearly see the ornate facade at 177-179 Columbia Heights is on its last leg. The numerous cracks on each tablet clearly show wear and tear. Will it survive another year? Will someone come to the rescue? This building’s exterior is in crisis. This story should have resonance with the […]

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Fred the Gargoyle

Forgotten Brooklyn: Hidden Art Discovered On Columbia Heights

Gargoyles, dolphins, sea nymphs…in Brooklyn? See them while you can, before they vanish into the past, victims of funding scarcity. Details of the facade of 177-179 Columbia Heights. Click for larger images. There’s an article in the Thursday March 1st edition of the “Brooklyn Heights Press & Cobble Hill News” by Phoebe Neidl about my […]

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