And So It Begins…Columbia Heights Sgraffito Restoration Project

The Columbia Heights Sgraffito Restoration Project officially has begun! As mentioned a couple of times before here at Brooklyn Heights Blog, the building’s co-op board had been looking to restore the unique sgraffito façade for years. With financing finally in place, and permits signed, the project commenced last week — starting with removing layers and layers of paint from the second level of the façade. The restoration will be done by the skilful hands at G & L Popian, who have been patiently working with the building on getting this project off the ground.

Here’s a current view, after the paint has been removed:

Sgraffito Facade Restoration, 20110708

For reference, here’s the “before” picture:

177-179 Columbia Heights

And here’s the “before before” picture:

177-179 Columbia Heights, 1920

Much work will need to be done, particularly on the ground level portion of the façade. The project is planned to take around 5 months to complete, though it is my personal dream to see it finished before Halloween.

Here’s a close-up of a section:

Sgraffito Facade Restoration Closeup, 20110708

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  • JAFO

    I love the open stairway. This really makes this property special. Great job!! Well worth the expense (I’m sure it’s not cheap).

  • harumph

    wow – utterly gorgeous!

  • Donald Brennan

    Its going to look fantastic. Congrats. Where did you end up getting the funding for this?

  • AnnOfOrange

    This is so, so special! Congratulations to the co-op board for having the vision, patience and determination to save/restore this wonderful, unique piece of BH architectural detail. Thank you!

  • EHinBH

    Really excellent work. This is such a great neighborhood.

  • Sue

    I lived at 177 from 1976 -1988. It will be such a stunning entrance once completed. I walk by just to watch the work in progress. Such fine craftsmanship. Thanks to all!

  • Vivian Shevitz

    I walk by every day. The craftsman is superb.

  • ABC

    kudos to the shareholders. I’m sure this is going to be fantastically expensive. not every building would make this decision. well done.

  • Qfwfq

    Don, we got the funding the old-fashioned way… we refinanced. And, fingers crossed, so far it looks like nobody’s maintenance will need to be increased.